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Finding Your Back To School Style

The time has come. Back to grueling hours of class work, commitments, classroom settings, and responsibilities. There are two types of students: those who dress to impress and those who opt to throw on the sweatpants and call it a day. Personally, I like to dabble in both realms depending on how I’m feeling, how much sleep I got, and which clothes are clean.  Although I do admit that there are times where I look slightly more homeless than others.

So how do you make a lazy day look like a stylishly planned one? Better yet, how do you make sweatpants look effortless? During times of academic distress (or pure laziness) you have to know the ins and outs of the casual chic game. Lucky for you, I’m here to help.

This effortless look was styled on StyleChat













In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a casual denim, some comfortable joggers, and all white adidas. This slew of pieces is like the ultimate guide to effortless student dressing. Come one, come all to the world of casual chic! I’ll be there, so that’s reason enough to want to conform, right? (you don’t have to answer that)

Whatever your style addendum–be it effortlessly thrown together, or artfully thought out, or just simply effortless–wear it, and wear it well this school year. Best of luck.


By Leah Heyman


Back to School Style Inspirations

It’s that time of year again: the time when you slowly transition from summer vacation to your studies. Whether you’re in high school, undergrad, or graduate school, September is your month to get your mind back in the game! Why not do it in style? Teen Vogue and Refinery 29 have given us some back to school style inspirations to guide our looks!

The consensus reveals that preppy looks are still in style! Whether you like casual or dressy, here’s how you can achieve a stylish and preppy back to school look! Throw on your favorite blue-washed flare jeans, your bright-colored t-shirt and your favorite flat metallic loafers.

Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue
Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue

If you’d rather dazzle your friends and professors with a fancier look, we’re all for rocking a frilly and/or pleated mini-skirt! Pair the miniskirt with a button-down blouse to give your look a professional touch.

Photo Courtesy of Refinery 29
Photo Courtesy of Refinery 29

If you really want to turn some heads as you’re walking down the hallways, add a cropped moto jacket to your outfit. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a skirt, a colorful moto jacket will take your look to the next level by adding that extra touch of chicness!

Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue
Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue

For a book bag, stay away from the typical multi-colored knapsacks. Instead, opt for a cool solid-colored leather knapsack purse with a cool buckle or drawstring. These smaller, stylish bags can double as a book bag and a purse!

For shoes, we’re seeing so many hot trends surfacing this fall, including the metallic loafer, the patent oxford, and the pointed-toe mini high heel pump. Take your pick! Try silver, gold, black, or beige if you want versatile shoes that will match with a variety of your outfits!

Have you planned out your school outfits for next week? Check out the StyleChat app to find all the hottest fall items and create your fantasy looks!

By: Jaclyn Parker

How to Style your Look for Exam Day

If you’re a student, you know what it’s like to dread exam day. Spring is a time when the weather gets warmer and the fashion gets lighter and brighter.

The presence of spring also reminds us of our impending exams. Although it’s often natural to let your fashion choices suffer and take a back seat to your studies, Leah Dagg on gives us some tips on how to dress for an exam so that you can look cute while still staying focused.

First she advises that you pin your hair up.  When you’re writing exams, you don’t want to have to worry about your hair falling in your face.  Pinning your hair up in a messy bun is a great way to look stylish while still being comfortable for your exam.

Photo courtesy of Teen Diaries. Click to find original posting.
Photo courtesy of Teen Diaries. Click to find original posting.

While Leah notes how tempting it is to wear sweatpants to an exam, she also points out that it’s important to feel confident on exam day.  Let this confidence show by wearing your favorite cute skinny pants with a comfy tee and a touch of makeup.  A little lip-gloss and mascara can go a long way!

Photo courtesy of Her Campus. Click through to original source.
Photo courtesy of Her Campus. Click through to original source.

Accessorizing can be an important part of your exam day outfit.  Leah advises not wearing clunky bracelets because they can make noise while you’re writing and therefore be a distraction to you and your fellow classmates. Chunky rings may also slow down your writing.  So, stick to a necklace or a pair of earrings.  After all, if you’re wearing a plain comfy tee, a cute chunky necklace may be the perfect way to add some style to your look!

Another great piece of style advice is to layer your clothing.  You want all your focus to be on your exam, and not on whether you’re too hot or cold.  Plan for all types of indoor conditions because you never know whether they’ll have the heat or air conditioner on high.

Photo Courtesy of Alamy, Featured by The Guardian. Click through to original source.
Photo Courtesy of Alamy, Featured by The Guardian. Click through to original source.

Last but not least, don’t forget to wear your lucky charms!  I had an oversized navy and white plaid button-down shirt that I wore to almost every one of my exams in university.  Call me superstitious, but sometimes it’s best to wear something that will comfort you during this stressful time.  Once you’ve gotten your perfect exam look, you’re one step closer to a perfect exam!

By: Jaclyn Parker

How to Incorporate your Summer Clothes into a Fall-Ready Look

Although the summer has come to an end, you don’t have to ditch your summer clothes just yet. Sara Cantu of Demand Media and Shauna from Penny Chic, share tips about how to make your summer clothes wearable in the Fall.

Like Shauna, Sara suggests in her article methods to combine new Fall colors with summer pastels into one outfit.

Following their tips, I suggest trying a navy, black, or deep-plum skirt with a summery pastel shirt. Throw on a scarf overtop to complete the look. That way you’ll still have the refreshing glow of summer, while also being on trend with Fall’s colors.

One of my favorite things to do is wear a summery dress with Fall accessories, such as a pair of suede or leather boots, a scarf, or a thicker cardigan. They both point out in their suggestions to simply throw on some tights underneath to keep warm.

Growing up in a cold weather climate taught me that tights are a lifesaver! They make it possible to wear fun, summery dresses without freezing!  It’s also a great bonus that tights are super comfortable.

Summer to fall
Examples created on StyleChat

I agree with Sara’s suggestion of wearing a jean jacket. It’s another way to make a summery dress suitable for a casual Fall look.  You don’t have to store your summer dresses during the colder months of the year.  Instead, think about how you can wear what you want, while still being warm and season appropriate, just by adding to your outfit.

Both Sara and Shauna point out that summery tops are key garments that you can wear throughout the year.  Instead of pairing them with shorts or a thin summery skirt, try wearing them with black jeans or a wool skirt.  Tops are so versatile because the layering possibilities are endless!

Even if you wear your favorite short-sleeve sheer pastel pink blouse to school or work, you won’t have to freeze if you wear a warm outer layer or an extra layer underneath. If your sitting at work or in class and the heat is on, it’ll be easy to shed the layers and show off that pretty pink top!

Although buying new clothes for Fall is fun and exciting, instead of switching out your wardrobe, just add to it!

Check out the StyleChat app to find great new Fall colors and accessories that will work miracles on bringing a little bit of Fall to your favorite summer pieces!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Here are some great finds of specific transitional items and tips found from Shauna of Penny Chic.

Affordable Back to School Looks, BCBG Max Azria Resort 2014

Are you struggling with the constant pull of new trends and all of the expenses that come with it?

As a newly emerged college student having to now plan out expenses based on meals and other necessities, I have had a hard time letting go of the thing that I love the most: fashion. However, with the right amount of dedication and inspiration, anything is possible.

Lourdes from UCLA created affordable ensembles inspired by BCBG Max Azria Resort collection for 2014 in this post for

This first look (feature photo) a patterned white shift dress, nude strappy wedges and simple-white purse will make any girl weak with envy.

By searching through stores praised for their low prices, Lourdes was able to provide her readers with a chance to recreate this look Boho chic look for a reasonable price.

Photos courtesy of ELLE (left) and (right)
“Summer Separates” Photos courtesy of ELLE (left) and (right)

The next high-priced runway look is comprised of flowy white pants, a black v-neck blouse and bulky black wedges. This shocking look for summer is suddenly in and allows for a more sleek and edgy look for summer.

Luckily, this look is easy to mimic on a smaller budget and perfect for mixing and matching!

"Tailored Romping" Photos courtesy of Elle (left) and (right)
“Tailored Romping” Photos courtesy of Elle (left) and (right)

I will be the first to admit that I think rompers are one of the greatest fashion pieces ever created.

They provide an effortless look to pull together. BCBG’s collection featured a classier version of the common romper with an unusual assortment of black in white, despite the colorful summer pallet we are accustomed to.

This simple look is easy to do yourself and perfect for almost any occasion.

I applaud Lourdes for a wonderful job providing her readers with a perfect replica of these stylish combos.

So when you are shopping for your new back to school clothes and dreading the inevitable dent in your savings account, remember that style is possible even on the tightest of budgets.

Want to recreate some of these looks for your own? Show us and put a twist on them with our StyleChat App!

By Maeve McGeorge

Get Ready for School in 10 Minutes!

Ever woke up in a panic after realizing that you overslept your alarm?  Or maybe you wanted to sleep for ten more minutes, but ten minutes turned into forty-five.

Carly A. Heitlinger from describes the beginning of school perfectly in her article ‘Back to School: The Ten Minute Morning‘.  The first week is that great week where you have fun with friends, organize your dorm room, and pick out your school outfits the night before classes.

In the morning when your alarm goes off, you probably jump out of bed, curl your hair the way you saw it advertised in your favorite fashion magazine, apply your favorite eye-shadow and liner, get dressed while dancing in front of the mirror, and happily head to class.

Now let’s skip forward one or two weeks.  Like Heitlinger states, by this point “the honeymoon period is over.”  Before you know it, the work starts piling up and instead of spending time thinking about tomorrow’s outfit, you’re thinking about tomorrow’s quiz.   So when your alarm goes off at seven-thirty in the morning, you don’t actually get out of bed until eight, at which point you realize you have to be in the car or on the bus in the next ten or fifteen minutes.

Although you may be tempted to panic, don’t worry because these tips will help you arrive to class on time without having to sacrifice your well put-together appearance.  The College Prepster article suggests that before you start studying the night before, take a shower and get ready for bed so that when your done your studying you can go right to sleep.

I was a huge fan of this when I was in college.  It’s so much easier to shower the night before because then your hair is dry and ready to be styled in the morning.  The College Prepster suggests doing a quick French braid or bun.  I’d say forget the braid and instead stick to a bun that looks like it’s natural and messy on purpose.  You can also try Alexandra’s twisted hairstyle in the following video.

Now that we’ve cut out the time it takes to shower and dry your hair, it’s time to focus on makeup.  Luckliy for you, the “au-naturel” look is all the rage nowadays.  Focus on how you can enhance your features with less makeup.

Here’s what I suggest: Quickly apply a powder or foundation to even out your skin and get rid of any oily spots (focus on your T-zone).  Then take an eyebrow pencil and quickly fill out your eyebrows.  Take your favorite mascara and apply it to your top lashes (if you have an extra 10 seconds, apply it to your bottom lashes as well).  Now swipe some blush along your cheekbones and your makeup is complete!  If you want to add something to your lips, you can always apply lipstick or gloss when you’re on the bus, or when you’re walking to class.

Here are some examples of skinny jeans and button up shirt color combinations. Created with the StyleChat App.
Here are some examples of skinny jeans and button up shirt color combinations. Created with the StyleChat App.

Now it’s outfit time.  The College Prepster suggests throwing on a pair of skinny jeans (that way you don’t have to worry about whether you shaved or not).  As for the shirt, they suggest a button-up and I totally agree.  Button-up shirts can transform to look casual or dressy, and professional or sexy.

I suggest throwing on a tank top underneath so you could always undo some of the buttons to have a sexier half-done up shirt, or you could decide to do the buttons up for a more professional look.  If it’s hot out you can roll up the sleeves for a nice laid-back look, and if it’s chilly in the classroom you’ll be happy you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt.

Although jeans and a button down shirt is a simple and stylish look, sometimes you may want a more feminine look.  When you’re in a hurry and want to throw on something cute and comfortable, opt for a casual daytime dress.  It’s perfect because you don’t have to worry about picking out two pieces of clothing, both a pair of jeans and a top.  In one fell swoop you can slide the dress over your head and be ready to go.

Can't decide on two pieces to wear? Just slide on a single casual dress and throw on some boots.  Created with the StyleChat App
Can’t decide on two pieces to wear? Just slide on a single casual dress and throw on some boots.
Created with the StyleChat App

With regards to jewelry, it’s great to have pieces that you wear 24/7 so that you don’t have to worry about choosing it every morning if you’re in a hurry.  A couple silver rings or a pair of diamond studs can be the perfect addition to any outfit because they are simple and understated in a perfectly effortless way.

Be sure to check out the StyleChat app to get inspiration for your back to school looks.  You can also check out our StyleChat Pinterest boards to find examples of the best laid-back chic looks for this Fall.

By: Jaclyn Parker

Also, don’t forget to wash your face and brush your teeth as Alexandra from Learning To Be Fearless smartly points out in her videoblog.


Back to School: How to Make the Hallways your Runway

It’s that time of year again: the time when summer comes to an end and school begins.  The best part of starting a fresh year of school is picking out a fresh wardrobe.  What will your style be this year?  Are you ready to embrace the trends coming off the Fall Runways or will you start your own?

On, writer Clint Davis from Scripps National Desk, highlights the fashion predictions that fashion experts have made for this Fall’s trends.  I’m happy to report that referenced this Fall’s trends as “cozy and relaxed.”  This means that you can be stylish as well as comfortable while you spend your days in class.

Be prepared to see glimpses of 90’s fashion, including turtlenecks and plaid shirts (as shown in this stories feature photo).  Davis rejoices over the fact that overalls and scrunchies haven’t been included in the 90’s comeback.  I, on the other hand, wouldn’t be too upset to see overalls with a modern and stylish twist make their way back onto the scene. 😉

Yes, the beginning of school means the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your sunglasses quite yet.  Foldable wayfarer Ray-Bans are perfect for fitting into a small purse or pocket.

If you’re looking to amaze people with your style choices, predicts that fringe skirts, bows, diagonal prints, and the color orange will be a big hit this season.  Have fun with your outfit; experiment with color, textures, and prints to create a look that will make your classmates do a double-take.

Examples of Graphic Patterns. Photo Courtesy of
Examples of Graphic Patterns. Photo Courtesy of

Teen Vogue predicts that graphic prints will continue being popular this school year.  Davis writes that no matter what your taste is, there will be a print to satisfy it.  With so many stores showing graphic-printed shirts and dresses, I agree that it’s easy to find a pattern and color combo that will flatter your body and enhance your style.  Whether you want a more flamboyant and colorful print or a classic more subdued one, always be fearless and confident with your choice.

Last but not least, let’s take a look at this season’s fashionable jewelry.  Vogue highlights single earrings, creole hoops, and hand-bracelets as popular accessories for Fall 2014.  If you opt for the single earring look, go crazy!  Find a single earring that wraps around your ear and makes a statement.  If you’re a hoop-earring-kind-of-gal, try a pair of large silver creole hoop earrings and pair it with a luscious curly hairstyle.  Hand bracelets can be a fun and flirty way to make a statement.  Find one that wraps from your wrist to your finger, without being too heavy or distracting.

Examples of some statement single dangly earrings. Photo courtesy of Getty
Fashionable jewelry that includes single dangly earrings. Photo Courtesy of Getty

What fashion trends are you most looking forward to this back-to-school season?  Create your favorite looks on StyleChat and share them with your friends.  Going back to school doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  After all, your great fashion choices deserve a captive audience, and who’s better than your friends and classmates to fill that role?!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Don’t forget to show us your back to school style by sharing some looks through StyleChat