Meet the Bloggers


Jaclyn Parker

Jaclyn Parker

Jaclyn shares her interests and opinions on the latest designer collections found in Runway Fashion.






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Ashley Cooke
Social Media Intern

Ashley shares up to date styling tips and tricks,  and industry happenings!







Through this blog we want to keep you updated with all the latest fashions as well as show you how we love to use the app! Our focuses for our blog will be:

  • Beauty: Where you can find our favorite takes on makeup, lotions and potions! Our writers are doing their research to bring you the best of the best for all your beauty needs!
  • Designers: Bringing you the best creations from designers, old and new! No need to spend hours researching who the next up and coming designer is, our writers have done that for you!
  • Fashion: Where we will show you the newest looks and styles. From runway looks that catch everyone’s eyes, to the everyday styles that we just can’t get enough of!
  • Our Looks: You can get a backstage look at what looks our interns are creating with the StyleChat app!!

So share this blog with all your fellow fashionistas and stylists, and we hope you have as much fun with it as we do!


Former Staff

Stephanie Wong2
Stephanie Wong: Writer 2014









Kiana Kuns
Kiana Kuns: Writer 2014
Mecca Wilkinson – Editor-in-Chief StyleChat Blog 2013


Marissa writer 2014 – Concentrated on covering youth fashion ages 16-24 for the StyleChat Blog.
Lior Kadoch – Co-Editor and StyleChat Stylist 2013
Diamond Sylvia – Writer and StyleChat Stylist 2013

One thought on “Meet the Bloggers”

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