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Finding Your Back To School Style

The time has come. Back to grueling hours of class work, commitments, classroom settings, and responsibilities. There are two types of students: those who dress to impress and those who opt to throw on the sweatpants and call it a day. Personally, I like to dabble in both realms depending on how I’m feeling, how much sleep I got, and which clothes are clean.  Although I do admit that there are times where I look slightly more homeless than others.

So how do you make a lazy day look like a stylishly planned one? Better yet, how do you make sweatpants look effortless? During times of academic distress (or pure laziness) you have to know the ins and outs of the casual chic game. Lucky for you, I’m here to help.

This effortless look was styled on StyleChat













In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a casual denim, some comfortable joggers, and all white adidas. This slew of pieces is like the ultimate guide to effortless student dressing. Come one, come all to the world of casual chic! I’ll be there, so that’s reason enough to want to conform, right? (you don’t have to answer that)

Whatever your style addendum–be it effortlessly thrown together, or artfully thought out, or just simply effortless–wear it, and wear it well this school year. Best of luck.


By Leah Heyman


Denim on Denim: Do or Don’t? 

Lately, the Denim on Denim trend has been consuming my thoughts. Is it a current “do” or is it a dated “don’t”? Is the trend dead now that summer is abruptly ending? Should we be expected to fall victim to this fashion escapade or do we let it slip away into the grave of all other failed trends?

If you ask me, it is very much alive and it is 100% a trend to fall victim to. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears did it 15 years ago (brief pause for the horror that was the early 2000’s) and look at the legacy they’ve left.

photo courtesy of Google

Now I’m not saying that in order to stay up on the current trend, you need to go to your nearest tailor and have an all denim dress made. (Although, that would be impressive and slightly iconic.) What I am saying though, is that you should not be afraid to flirt with the idea of an all denim outfit. Pairing some Madewell jeans with an Alice and Olivia denim jacket is not a terrible idea. In fact, it may be just the switch that you were looking for in your daily wardrobe.

Take a look at some of my favorite all denim outfits by some of the latest and greatest in the fashion world:

Miranda Kerr looking effortless in an all denim chambray/pant combo. Photo courtesy of Google
Alexa Chung is cute as can be; but with her all denim romper, she looks especially playful. Photo Courtesy of Elle.com
Olivia Palermo puts a seductive spin on her all denim ‘fit with a high slitted skirt. Photo courtesy of Google

Here are some interesting denim pieces in stores now that I’ve thrown together. Head on over to the StyleChat App to shop and style some looks of your own! Don’t disappoint Justin and Britney, whatever you do.

look made on the StyleChat App

By Leah Heyman

Outfit of the Week: Oct. 19th

Courtesy of the Ring my Bell blog
Courtesy of the Ring my Bell blog

This week’s outfit of the week goes to a look featured on the Ring my Bell blog. Ashley looks casual and chic in a pair of slightly distressed skinny jeans. She gets that laid back vibe by wearing her red and black checkered shirt open to show her basic white t-shirt underneath. The black fringe booties keep this look right on track with fall’s hottest trends! Add a cool pair of hanging earrings or a long thin necklace for an extra touch of glam! Check out the outfit below to see how you can get a similar look!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

Button-down Shirt: Hot Topic ($29.50), T-shirt: J. Crew ($29.95), Jeans: BlankNYC at Nordstrom ($88.00), Booties: Steve Madden ($129.95), Bracelet: Nadri at Nordstrom ($58.00)