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Affordable Back to School Looks, BCBG Max Azria Resort 2014

Are you struggling with the constant pull of new trends and all of the expenses that come with it?

As a newly emerged college student having to now plan out expenses based on meals and other necessities, I have had a hard time letting go of the thing that I love the most: fashion. However, with the right amount of dedication and inspiration, anything is possible.

Lourdes from UCLA created affordable ensembles inspired by BCBG Max Azria Resort collection for 2014 in this post for CollegeFashion.com.

This first look (feature photo) a patterned white shift dress, nude strappy wedges and simple-white purse will make any girl weak with envy.

By searching through stores praised for their low prices, Lourdes was able to provide her readers with a chance to recreate this look Boho chic look for a reasonable price.

Photos courtesy of ELLE (left) and CollegeFashion.com (right)
“Summer Separates” Photos courtesy of ELLE (left) and CollegeFashion.com (right)

The next high-priced runway look is comprised of flowy white pants, a black v-neck blouse and bulky black wedges. This shocking look for summer is suddenly in and allows for a more sleek and edgy look for summer.

Luckily, this look is easy to mimic on a smaller budget and perfect for mixing and matching!

"Tailored Romping" Photos courtesy of Elle (left) and CollegeFashion.com (right)
“Tailored Romping” Photos courtesy of Elle (left) and CollegeFashion.com (right)

I will be the first to admit that I think rompers are one of the greatest fashion pieces ever created.

They provide an effortless look to pull together. BCBG’s collection featured a classier version of the common romper with an unusual assortment of black in white, despite the colorful summer pallet we are accustomed to.

This simple look is easy to do yourself and perfect for almost any occasion.

I applaud Lourdes for a wonderful job providing her readers with a perfect replica of these stylish combos.

So when you are shopping for your new back to school clothes and dreading the inevitable dent in your savings account, remember that style is possible even on the tightest of budgets.

Want to recreate some of these looks for your own? Show us and put a twist on them with our StyleChat App!

By Maeve McGeorge

BCBG Max Azria’s Spring 2015 Collection Goes Boho

BCBG Max Azria’s Spring 2015 collection brought elegance and a touch of bohemian to the runway at New York Fashion Week. With Fall colors all around us now, it was a breath of fresh air to see what the Spring season has in store for us. The collection boasts flowing silhouettes in white or pastel colors, such as light pink and baby blue.

In an article on nola.com, The Associated Press highlights a few looks that were the most memorable, including a silk wrap dress with a quilted belt and the last look of the show, which was a silk V-neck long and flowing dress in a pastel rose color.

Photos: Alessandro Garofalo/ Indigitalimages.com Courtesy of Style.com
Photos: Alessandro Garofalo/ Indigitalimages.com
Courtesy of Style.com

I have to agree, that although I enjoyed each piece in the collection, the last one stood out the most!  The rose pink dress inspires a look of effortless beauty and sophisticated femininity with just a touch of bohemian.

Hair and makeup on the models was simple and natural, which is perfectly fitting for a collection with a bohemian edge. BCBG Max Azria’s collection shows us how to be carefree and wildly feminine in our fashion and makeup choices.

Photo: Alessandro Garofalo/ Indigitalimages.com Courtesy of Style.com
Photo: Alessandro Garofalo/ Indigitalimages.com
Courtesy of Style.com

Pastel colors, gorgeous silhouettes, and feminine fabrics were not the only aspects of the runway show that were noteworthy. The nola.com article mentions the twist at BCBG’s runway show: guests could buy the looks right from their seat by “liking” a photo on Instagram and then following the link that was emailed to them showing them where they can buy the looks!

The brand definitely brought convenience and accessibility to their runway show! For all of you BCBG Max Azria lovers out there who wish you could have been at the show, here’s a way that you can get the look with these pieces available in either Zara or Forever 21 stores now.

Focus on long, flowing silhouettes that let your body be free with no restrictions. Wrap a pastel belt around your waist for some added definition.  Even though it’s Fall now, that doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by the Spring trends, and add some bohemian and pastel-colored pieces into your wardrobe.

So how are you going to incorporate these fresh new styles into your look?  Show us on the StyleChat app by creating style boards and sharing them with your friends!

By Jaclyn Parker

Created on the StyleChat app
Created on the StyleChat app