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What Your Favorite SATC Character Says About You

Are you truly a woman if you haven’t seen and obsessed over every episode of Sex And The City at least once?

I would argue, no. The timeless show of love, lust, sarcasm, and fashion has created a phenomena that will forever live on.

Whether you are a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda–believe it or not–says a great deal about who you are as a person. Never thought about it that way? Let me get ‘cha thinkin’.

A Carrie kind of gal?

photo courtesy of Google
photo courtesy of Google

So you have a large taste for expense and low taste for practicality. You have a knack for making situations difficult for yourself, you cannot cook worth a damn, and you live for Fashion week. You’re a high fashion gal, you aim for quality and if it ain’t high end, you ain’t buyin’.

More of a Samantha?

photo courtesy of Google
photo courtesy of Google

Luxury is your middle name. You have no limits when it comes to your personal style, and you do not care what anyone thinks about you.  You’re the kind of gal to wear a sun dress on a grey day, and you wear it so well. You tend to lean towards the more trendy pieces, but you are always first to buy.

So You’re a Charlotte

photo courtesy of Google
photo courtesy of Google

Class is always your number one priority. You would never be caught dead in anything even close to scandalous, it just isn’t you. When it comes to brands, you elevate towards the utmost simple and chic. If Charlotte was a real person, she would totally shop at Zara.

Miranda Girl

photo courtesy of Google
photo courtesy of Google

Comfort is your biggest concern in any outfit. If it is fussy, too sparkly, too tight, or too much effort, you won’t be seen in it. You’re also very type A, so practicality is your best friend. Price is always a consideration; however, it isn’t an end-all-be-all factor in your shopping decisions.

By Leah Heyman

Summer Travel Packing: The Do’s and Don’ts

It is about 4:30 pm in the office. You are nearing the end of another tedious eight hour day, when suddenly the thought of your upcoming tropical vacation pops into mind. Your focus drifts away from office attire/numbers/emails and towards bikinis/ocean breezes/travel instagram posts. Suddenly, you have all the motivation you need to speed through that last half hour until you are mentally, physically, emotionally off the clock and onto island time.

But of course, before you can fully delve into R&R mode, you must figure out your packing game plan. The thought of a tropical vacation all sounds whimsical and easy until you stand in front of your closet and realize that you actually have no idea how to prepare. Do I take two suitcases–one for toiletries, one for clothes/shoes? Do I go full minimalist and pack a week’s trip into a small carry on? Do I NEED to bring those brand new Alexander Wang booties?

The answers to such concerns are far simpler than any fashionista vacationer would like to believe. When it comes to tropical vacations, the ideal mojo to follow is always less is more (unless you’re a Kardashian) It’s that simple. Well then if this truly is the case, then why is the quest to pack the ideal summer suitcase always so daunting?

To lessen your stresses and ease your inquiring mind, we’ve listed a few essential packing tips to make your experience as light and effortless as possible.


-Pack light. You’re not going to wear the A Wang booties, you’re just not.

-Bring all necessary toiletries. Sunscreen, tanning oil, moisturizer, facial cleanser, spare toilet paper–you name it. Who knows what the supply will be like in your temporary equatorial digs.

-Plan your outfits. Log onto StyleChat and style the perfect bohemian-meets-Beyoncé Hawaii vacay style looks for your entire trip. The more you think ahead, the easier it will be to keep your suitcase below the 50 lb mark.



-Overthink it. If you haven’t worn that banana yellow sundress in over a year, what makes you think you’ll want to wear it on vacation?

-Forget a nice wide-brimmed hat. Those UV rays are only getting more intense; why not protect your skin AND look darn cute doin it?

-Stress. If you forget a thing or two, who cares? You’re packing up to go somewhere to relieve your stress, not add to it. Plus, the resort gift shops aren’t always bad for last minute poolside necessities.


By Leah Heyman

Style Spotlight: Ingrid Van Diest

Today we’re highlighting ASOS student insider, Ingrid Van Diest! Ingrid is a Communications and Media Studies major at the University of San Francisco. She loves words and pretty pictures, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Nicks, and everything style and fashion!

She’s provided us with a few style tips, and a style board of her own. Check her out on Instagram to add serious inspo to your feed! @ingridvandiest

Closet Necessities: Classic leather jacket, Stilettos, a white tee, and cat eye sunnies
Dream job: Editor in Chief of Vogue Spain.
Sneaker of choice?  Converse Chuck Taylors. They go with everything.
Your guilty pleasure style stalk?  Olivia Culpo.
Favorite film to watch for style inspiration? Clueless, Cher Horowitz is my idol.
Favorite item you’re wearing at the moment? My Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses. I can’t leave the house without them!
What is luxury? Anything that makes you feel great and confident.
What is fashion?  An excuse to play dress-up everyday.


🐦: @ingridvandiest
👻: ivandiest

-Ashley Cooke, Social Media Intern



Spring Break Forever

Cabo? Hawaii? Exotic Places? What’s your Spring Break destination?

Whether you’re planning ahead for an upcoming trip or scrambling to get things together before you jet off tomorrow, we’ve broken down some of the best spring break traveling must-haves you cannot leave home without! These major pieces are key to packing smart and packing light, where versatility is key. Check out these looks a tropical getaway, and don’t forget to collar with all your best gal pals on Style Chat!


BCBG MAXAZRIA dress, $298
Marc Fisher LTD Espadrille Sandals, $140
Forever21 Straw Hat, $14
Aldo Necklace, $18

Free People Dress, $128
TopShop Sandals, $125
Urban Outfitters Criss Cross Headband, $18
Mango Applique Belt, $36


-Ashley Cooke, Social Media Intern

The New Jean Trends that Everyone will Want

Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans.  Whether they’re skinny, flare, dark blue, white, and/or ripped, your fav go-to jeans shouldn’t be the only ones in your closet.  Women are turning from plain and simple, to wild and crazy with bold patterns, cool textures, and loud shapes.  Check out these jeans from Bloomingdales!  When you’re working with a wild pattern on the bottom, keep to solid colors on top!  Looking to make a statement this winter?  Any of these five pairs of jeans will help you take those fashion risks you’ve been craving!

Jeans Courtesy of Bloomingdales
Jeans Courtesy of Bloomingdales

Nasty Gal also knows how to rework our modern day jeans.  A bit of acid-washing combined with some minor rips or a wide-legged silhouette makes these three jeans refreshingly innovative and a touch rocker!

Jeans Courtesy of Nasty Gal
Jeans Courtesy of Nasty Gal

Let’s just admit it: jeans are pretty great! But these jeans, take great to a whole new level that we love!  Wear them with flats during the day or heels at night, and enjoy pumping up your style this winter!

By: Jaclyn Parker


3 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Two more days until we whip out our costumes and impersonate our favorite TV character, superhero, movie star, Disney character; the list goes on and on. While some of us might plan our costume a month ahead of time, we can’t all be that prepared. Have no fear because there are a ton of great last-minute Halloween costume ideas that are easy and convenient, and won’t require you to buy anything new.


If you’re the cool one in your group of friends, perhaps it’s time to bring out your nerdy side! Dressing up as a nerd is as easy as wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses and a geeky button-down shirt with a preppy sweater. Or, you can throw on a white t-shirt and a pair of suspenders.

Image Source: Tumblr user pouf daddy, Featured on Popsugar
Image Source: Tumblr user pouf daddy, Featured on Popsugar

Audrey Hepburn

If you don’t want to head down the geek route, perhaps you’re ready to bring out your classy side instead. Why not dress up as Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? All you need is a little black dress, a pearl necklace, a pair of black high heels, a pair of chunky stud earrings, a headband (or tiara), and a cigarette holder.

Image Source: Reddit user camping is intense, Featured on Popsugar
Image Source: Reddit user camping is intense, Featured on Popsugar


Sometimes the best Halloween costumes are the ones you can create from the items in your closet. Maybe it’s time to dust off your old sports uniform and dress up as an athlete in the sport of your choice!

Image Source: Instagram user byaliceribeiro, Featured on Popsugar
Image Source: Instagram user byaliceribeiro, Featured on Popsugar

We would love to see your costume for this Halloween! Take a picture and post it on your social media with #stylechatmobile so we can see all of your great creations!

By: Jaclyn Parker