Back to School: How to Make the Hallways your Runway

It’s that time of year again: the time when summer comes to an end and school begins.  The best part of starting a fresh year of school is picking out a fresh wardrobe.  What will your style be this year?  Are you ready to embrace the trends coming off the Fall Runways or will you start your own?

On, writer Clint Davis from Scripps National Desk, highlights the fashion predictions that fashion experts have made for this Fall’s trends.  I’m happy to report that referenced this Fall’s trends as “cozy and relaxed.”  This means that you can be stylish as well as comfortable while you spend your days in class.

Be prepared to see glimpses of 90’s fashion, including turtlenecks and plaid shirts (as shown in this stories feature photo).  Davis rejoices over the fact that overalls and scrunchies haven’t been included in the 90’s comeback.  I, on the other hand, wouldn’t be too upset to see overalls with a modern and stylish twist make their way back onto the scene. 😉

Yes, the beginning of school means the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your sunglasses quite yet.  Foldable wayfarer Ray-Bans are perfect for fitting into a small purse or pocket.

If you’re looking to amaze people with your style choices, predicts that fringe skirts, bows, diagonal prints, and the color orange will be a big hit this season.  Have fun with your outfit; experiment with color, textures, and prints to create a look that will make your classmates do a double-take.

Examples of Graphic Patterns. Photo Courtesy of
Examples of Graphic Patterns. Photo Courtesy of

Teen Vogue predicts that graphic prints will continue being popular this school year.  Davis writes that no matter what your taste is, there will be a print to satisfy it.  With so many stores showing graphic-printed shirts and dresses, I agree that it’s easy to find a pattern and color combo that will flatter your body and enhance your style.  Whether you want a more flamboyant and colorful print or a classic more subdued one, always be fearless and confident with your choice.

Last but not least, let’s take a look at this season’s fashionable jewelry.  Vogue highlights single earrings, creole hoops, and hand-bracelets as popular accessories for Fall 2014.  If you opt for the single earring look, go crazy!  Find a single earring that wraps around your ear and makes a statement.  If you’re a hoop-earring-kind-of-gal, try a pair of large silver creole hoop earrings and pair it with a luscious curly hairstyle.  Hand bracelets can be a fun and flirty way to make a statement.  Find one that wraps from your wrist to your finger, without being too heavy or distracting.

Examples of some statement single dangly earrings. Photo courtesy of Getty
Fashionable jewelry that includes single dangly earrings. Photo Courtesy of Getty

What fashion trends are you most looking forward to this back-to-school season?  Create your favorite looks on StyleChat and share them with your friends.  Going back to school doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  After all, your great fashion choices deserve a captive audience, and who’s better than your friends and classmates to fill that role?!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Don’t forget to show us your back to school style by sharing some looks through StyleChat

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