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Get Ready for School in 10 Minutes!

Ever woke up in a panic after realizing that you overslept your alarm?  Or maybe you wanted to sleep for ten more minutes, but ten minutes turned into forty-five.

Carly A. Heitlinger from thecollegeprepster.com describes the beginning of school perfectly in her article ‘Back to School: The Ten Minute Morning‘.  The first week is that great week where you have fun with friends, organize your dorm room, and pick out your school outfits the night before classes.

In the morning when your alarm goes off, you probably jump out of bed, curl your hair the way you saw it advertised in your favorite fashion magazine, apply your favorite eye-shadow and liner, get dressed while dancing in front of the mirror, and happily head to class.

Now let’s skip forward one or two weeks.  Like Heitlinger states, by this point “the honeymoon period is over.”  Before you know it, the work starts piling up and instead of spending time thinking about tomorrow’s outfit, you’re thinking about tomorrow’s quiz.   So when your alarm goes off at seven-thirty in the morning, you don’t actually get out of bed until eight, at which point you realize you have to be in the car or on the bus in the next ten or fifteen minutes.

Although you may be tempted to panic, don’t worry because these tips will help you arrive to class on time without having to sacrifice your well put-together appearance.  The College Prepster article suggests that before you start studying the night before, take a shower and get ready for bed so that when your done your studying you can go right to sleep.

I was a huge fan of this when I was in college.  It’s so much easier to shower the night before because then your hair is dry and ready to be styled in the morning.  The College Prepster suggests doing a quick French braid or bun.  I’d say forget the braid and instead stick to a bun that looks like it’s natural and messy on purpose.  You can also try Alexandra’s twisted hairstyle in the following video.

Now that we’ve cut out the time it takes to shower and dry your hair, it’s time to focus on makeup.  Luckliy for you, the “au-naturel” look is all the rage nowadays.  Focus on how you can enhance your features with less makeup.

Here’s what I suggest: Quickly apply a powder or foundation to even out your skin and get rid of any oily spots (focus on your T-zone).  Then take an eyebrow pencil and quickly fill out your eyebrows.  Take your favorite mascara and apply it to your top lashes (if you have an extra 10 seconds, apply it to your bottom lashes as well).  Now swipe some blush along your cheekbones and your makeup is complete!  If you want to add something to your lips, you can always apply lipstick or gloss when you’re on the bus, or when you’re walking to class.

Here are some examples of skinny jeans and button up shirt color combinations. Created with the StyleChat App.
Here are some examples of skinny jeans and button up shirt color combinations. Created with the StyleChat App.

Now it’s outfit time.  The College Prepster suggests throwing on a pair of skinny jeans (that way you don’t have to worry about whether you shaved or not).  As for the shirt, they suggest a button-up and I totally agree.  Button-up shirts can transform to look casual or dressy, and professional or sexy.

I suggest throwing on a tank top underneath so you could always undo some of the buttons to have a sexier half-done up shirt, or you could decide to do the buttons up for a more professional look.  If it’s hot out you can roll up the sleeves for a nice laid-back look, and if it’s chilly in the classroom you’ll be happy you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt.

Although jeans and a button down shirt is a simple and stylish look, sometimes you may want a more feminine look.  When you’re in a hurry and want to throw on something cute and comfortable, opt for a casual daytime dress.  It’s perfect because you don’t have to worry about picking out two pieces of clothing, both a pair of jeans and a top.  In one fell swoop you can slide the dress over your head and be ready to go.

Can't decide on two pieces to wear? Just slide on a single casual dress and throw on some boots.  Created with the StyleChat App
Can’t decide on two pieces to wear? Just slide on a single casual dress and throw on some boots.
Created with the StyleChat App

With regards to jewelry, it’s great to have pieces that you wear 24/7 so that you don’t have to worry about choosing it every morning if you’re in a hurry.  A couple silver rings or a pair of diamond studs can be the perfect addition to any outfit because they are simple and understated in a perfectly effortless way.

Be sure to check out the StyleChat app to get inspiration for your back to school looks.  You can also check out our StyleChat Pinterest boards to find examples of the best laid-back chic looks for this Fall.

By: Jaclyn Parker

Also, don’t forget to wash your face and brush your teeth as Alexandra from Learning To Be Fearless smartly points out in her videoblog.