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How to Incorporate your Summer Clothes into a Fall-Ready Look

Although the summer has come to an end, you don’t have to ditch your summer clothes just yet. Sara Cantu of Demand Media and Shauna from Penny Chic, share tips about how to make your summer clothes wearable in the Fall.

Like Shauna, Sara suggests in her article methods to combine new Fall colors with summer pastels into one outfit.

Following their tips, I suggest trying a navy, black, or deep-plum skirt with a summery pastel shirt. Throw on a scarf overtop to complete the look. That way you’ll still have the refreshing glow of summer, while also being on trend with Fall’s colors.

One of my favorite things to do is wear a summery dress with Fall accessories, such as a pair of suede or leather boots, a scarf, or a thicker cardigan. They both point out in their suggestions to simply throw on some tights underneath to keep warm.

Growing up in a cold weather climate taught me that tights are a lifesaver! They make it possible to wear fun, summery dresses without freezing!  It’s also a great bonus that tights are super comfortable.

Summer to fall
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I agree with Sara’s suggestion of wearing a jean jacket. It’s another way to make a summery dress suitable for a casual Fall look.  You don’t have to store your summer dresses during the colder months of the year.  Instead, think about how you can wear what you want, while still being warm and season appropriate, just by adding to your outfit.

Both Sara and Shauna point out that summery tops are key garments that you can wear throughout the year.  Instead of pairing them with shorts or a thin summery skirt, try wearing them with black jeans or a wool skirt.  Tops are so versatile because the layering possibilities are endless!

Even if you wear your favorite short-sleeve sheer pastel pink blouse to school or work, you won’t have to freeze if you wear a warm outer layer or an extra layer underneath. If your sitting at work or in class and the heat is on, it’ll be easy to shed the layers and show off that pretty pink top!

Although buying new clothes for Fall is fun and exciting, instead of switching out your wardrobe, just add to it!

Check out the StyleChat app to find great new Fall colors and accessories that will work miracles on bringing a little bit of Fall to your favorite summer pieces!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Here are some great finds of specific transitional items and tips found from Shauna of Penny Chic.