Back to School Style Inspirations

It’s that time of year again: the time when you slowly transition from summer vacation to your studies. Whether you’re in high school, undergrad, or graduate school, September is your month to get your mind back in the game! Why not do it in style? Teen Vogue and Refinery 29 have given us some back to school style inspirations to guide our looks!

The consensus reveals that preppy looks are still in style! Whether you like casual or dressy, here’s how you can achieve a stylish and preppy back to school look! Throw on your favorite blue-washed flare jeans, your bright-colored t-shirt and your favorite flat metallic loafers.

Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue
Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue

If you’d rather dazzle your friends and professors with a fancier look, we’re all for rocking a frilly and/or pleated mini-skirt! Pair the miniskirt with a button-down blouse to give your look a professional touch.

Photo Courtesy of Refinery 29
Photo Courtesy of Refinery 29

If you really want to turn some heads as you’re walking down the hallways, add a cropped moto jacket to your outfit. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a skirt, a colorful moto jacket will take your look to the next level by adding that extra touch of chicness!

Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue
Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue

For a book bag, stay away from the typical multi-colored knapsacks. Instead, opt for a cool solid-colored leather knapsack purse with a cool buckle or drawstring. These smaller, stylish bags can double as a book bag and a purse!

For shoes, we’re seeing so many hot trends surfacing this fall, including the metallic loafer, the patent oxford, and the pointed-toe mini high heel pump. Take your pick! Try silver, gold, black, or beige if you want versatile shoes that will match with a variety of your outfits!

Have you planned out your school outfits for next week? Check out the StyleChat app to find all the hottest fall items and create your fantasy looks!

By: Jaclyn Parker

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