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Tips for Finding the Perfect Dress for New Years

New Years is quickly approaching and the search for a dazzling dress is underway. Kerrie Mitchell Burke writes an article for StyleList.com giving us some tips to follow when searching for the perfect dress this holiday season. Everyone knows what it’s like to be racing through a crowded mall trying to find a suitable dress. Instead of settling for one you found in a hurry, you can follow these tips to find the dress of your dreams.

JOA Spree dress. Courtesy of Style List.  Click to original post.
JOA Spree dress. Courtesy of Style List. Click to original post.















Kerrie advises that you remember the three C’s: classic, chic, and confident. A classic dress is one you can imagine yourself wearing for several years. I’ll admit that it’s easy to get persuaded into buying a trendy and flashy seasonal dress, but you might regret it next year when you discover that a whole new look is in fashion and your expensive dress is now out of style.

The second important C stands for chic. Looking chic is all about dressing modern, sophisticated, and flirty. There’s nothing like a little black dress to make you feel classy and chic. The silhouette and style options are endless. There are corset dresses, A-line dresses, and many more.

Club Monaco dress. Courtesy of Style List.  Click to original post.
Club Monaco dress. Courtesy of Style List. Click to original post.

The third C stands for confident. Don’t forget to look for a dress that suits YOU the best. Think about your hair color, your skin tone, and your body type, and then find the dress that is most flattering for you. If you feel confident, you’ll look confident. If you want the dress to be very versatile, opt for one that is about knee length or just above the knees so that you’re not stuck going to a work event with a dress that’s too short. A dress with an open back can be very versatile because it’s sexy for a fun party, and it can easily be covered up with a sweater or jacket for a more business formal event.





Courtesy of Nasty Gal, Click to original post.
Courtesy of Nasty Gal, Click to original post.


What’s your ideal party dress for this New Years? Share in the comments below!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Saying “Fur Sure” to Wearing Fur

Wearing fur can be intimidating. Whether it’s real fur or faux fur, here are some tips to get you saying, “Fur sure!” to wearing fur.

Think back: Perhaps you’ve forgotten about a fur item that you already own.  Instead of going all out in a fur coat, opt for an item with a bit of a fur trim like the jacket featured below.

Courtesy of Hollister, Click to original post.
Courtesy of Hollister, Click to original post.

Keep it simple: This will be easy if you already own boots. Do you have any boots with an exterior fur lining? If not, go get yourself a pair! Your feet will thank you for the extra warmth, and it’s a super simple way to rock some fur in your outfit!

Courtesy of UGG Australia, Click to original post.
Courtesy of UGG Australia, Click to original post.










Fur on top: Don’t catch a cold this winter. Surely you’ll remember to bundle up in layers, but don’t forget about your head! Keep your ears warm and your bedhead covered with a fur hat.

Courtesy of Nasty Gal, Click to original post.
Courtesy of Nasty Gal, Click to original post.

Be bold: While the first three ideas play with fur subtly, you can kick it up a notch with a good fur vest. Be bold and confident! If you don’t think you can pull it off, no one else will believe it either!

Courtesy of Macy's, Click to original post.
Courtesy of Macy’s, Click to original post.

Go for it: Do you want to be a modern-day Cruella? Go for it, girl! You’ll definitely be warm in a full fur coat.

Courtesy of Asos, Click to original post.
Courtesy of Asos, Click to original post.

Whether you want to just experiment with fur or go all out, you’ve got options. Show us your fur-filled outfits on our free fashion app, StyleChat. Share your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #StyleChatMobile!

By: Stephanie Wong

The Perfect Holiday Gifts to Buy for the Fashionista in your Life

Courtesy of Lux & Concord blog.  Click to original post.
Courtesy of Lux & Concord blog. Click to original post.

Shopping for gifts can be a tricky task! We all want to get the perfect gift for someone we care about, but it can be so hard to know what to buy.  When you’re shopping for a fashionista, it can be hard to get her something that she doesn’t already have.  Nicole, from the Lux and Concord blog suggests some great unique gift ideas for that fashionable lady you have in your life.

There’s a good chance that a fashionista enjoys taking selfies from time to time. So why not get her a tripod to make the task easier?

Next on the list is a fashion book.  What fashion lover wouldn’t want to stay cozy inside on a cold winter day and look through an inspiring fashion book? If neither of those options seems quite appropriate, you can never go wrong with getting a fashionista accessories.  Whether it’s a ring, a cool chunky bangle, a pair of sunglasses, or a fun patterned scarf, fashion lovers love collecting trendy accessories.

Other fun gift ideas include a cowboy hat, a sleep mask, or a smartphone case.  For the fashionista who likes to keep their style fresh, an extra smartphone case will allow them to switch up the look of their phone whenever they want.

Furry iPhone case.  Courtesy of Nasty Gal.  Click to original website.
Furry iPhone case. Courtesy of Nasty Gal. Click to original website.

Buying clothes for a fashionista can be tough because it’s hard to know what styles she’ll truly love.  Try getting her something that’s fun and trendy.  The cape style coat has been all the rage this season.  Nicole points out a great black cape coat from Zara.  If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, try buying a t-shirt with a cool graphic or phrase on it.

Last but not least, any fashionista would love to receive an awesome pair of high heels.  You could opt for a sophisticated pair of pumps or a cute pair of booties. Whichever one you choose, she’s bound to love it!

Burgundy booties.  Courtesy of Steve Madden.  Click to original website.
Burgundy booties. Courtesy of Steve Madden. Click to original website.

What kinds of gifts are you hoping to receive this holiday season?  Share in the comments below!

By: Jaclyn Parker


How to Rock Pantone’s Color Of The Year: Marsala

Pantone announced “marsala” as the 2015 color of the year.

Courtesy of Pantone. Click to original post.
Courtesy of Pantone. Click to original post.

Marsala is a color that is very similar to oxblood.

Courtesy of Vanity Fair. Click to original post.
Courtesy of Vanity Fair. Click to original post.

So what can you do with this color? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Wear this shade as a statement piece. Make it the main part of your outfit like a dress, shirt, jacket, or pair of pants.

Courtesy of Nasty Gal. Click to Nasty Gal website.
Courtesy of Nasty Gal. Click to Nasty Gal website.

Wear marsala as an accent color. You don’t have to dress in marsala from head to toe. Show it off subtly by wearing marsala-colored accessories or shoes.

Courtesy of weddingpartyapp.com.  Click to original picture.
Courtesy of weddingpartyapp.com. Click to original picture.

Decorate your house with marsala-colored items. Instead of wearing the color, show it off with household items.  Try some marsala-colored cups, candles, or vases.

Courtesy of Pantone. Click to original picture.
Courtesy of Pantone. Click to original picture.

How do you plan to incorporate Pantone’s color of the year into your life this 2015? Show us from the StyleChat mobile app and share your creations on social media with the hashtag #StyleChatMobile. We can’t wait to see your creativity!

By: Stephanie Wong

Outfit of the Week: Dec. 15TH

Courtesy of the Regally Blonde Blog.  Click for the original post.
Courtesy of the Regally Blonde Blog. Click for the original post.

This week’s outfit of the week goes to a look created by Gemma Lawrence on the Regally Blonde blog.  Gemma creates a great casual and stylish look with a striped top.  If you want to get this look throw on your favorite comfy striped tee and pair it with simple black accessories.  Try wearing a pair of black leggings or black jeans with black leather boots.  To add some flavor to your look accessorize with a black-rimmed hat and a black quilted purse.  Keep your hair down and simple.  To add a bit of color, apply red lipstick to your lips.  If red is too harsh for your skin tone, try wearing a tone of pink instead.  This is the perfect look for a day at school, a walk in the park, or a fun day out on the weekend.

By: Jaclyn Parker

Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

Top: Gap ($21.99)

Hat: Nordstrom ($48.00)

Leggings: Zara ($25.90)

Purse: Zara ($139.00)

Boots: Steve Madden ($189.95)

Lipstick: M.A.C ($16.00)

Fun Ways to Layer your Look this Fall

Dressing for fall can be a bit tricky sometimes because it’s hard to predict the weather.  We still get those days of warmth and sunshine, but on the other hand, mornings and evenings can be quite chilly!

Prepare for all kinds of weather by layering up! Rebecca Ramsey, writer for NYmag, provides some tips on how to layer Fall jackets.

First, try wearing a trench coat. They’re great because they’re lightweight and can easily transition from summer to Fall.  Focus on colors like navy, gray, or black because they go with almost anything.

Second, try wearing a jean jacket around your waist.  I’d recommend this for more casual occasions.  Ramsey suggests a mid-blue wash.  I think a jean jacket with a little bit of fading can also kick it up a notch.

Photo Courtesy of YJ KOO of NY Mag. Click to be directed to original post.
Photo Courtesy of YJ KOO of NY Mag. Click to be directed to original post.

The best part is, when it’s hot you’ll look cute with a jean jacket around your waist, and when it’s cold, you look casual and relaxed wearing the jean jacket the traditional way.

Another look you should try is the double-breasted blazer.  Ramsey suggests focusing on colors like navy and gray because they can look good in any season.

If you’re looking for something longer, try a long duster coat.  Just beware that sometimes this style of coat can be a bit overpowering.  If you’re tall then you’re in luck because it won’t look like you’re being swallowed up by a coat!

Photo Courtesy of YJ KOO of NY Mag. Click photo to go to original post.
Photo Courtesy of YJ KOO of NY Mag. Click photo to go to original post.

Ramsey suggests opting for a color like cool lilac or a deep, dusty pink.  These colors will bring out your softer feminine side in no time!

Last but not least, if you’re not up for a full on jacket, opt for an oversized sweater.  They look great paired with a dress or a midi skirt!  Oversized sweaters can make an outfit look casual and cute, while keeping you warm and toasty!

So what kind of layering tactics will you employ?

Share in the comments below!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Fall in Love with these Fall Wedding Ideas

Are you planning on having a fall wedding? Whether these are last minute additions you’d love for your wedding this fall, or something you can keep in the back of your mind for next fall, check out these awesome ideas from The Knot!

1. Rustic invitations

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.11.28 AM

Are you planning to have a rustic themed wedding? Or are you stumped at what kind of wedding invitations to send? Stop looking at the many different shades of white and off-white, and start thinking about something that looks like the invitation in this photo. What a gorgeous invite! It’ll have your guests smile as they open it. The first look your guests have into your wedding is most likely the invitation you send out. So bring them into one of your most special days with a cozy looking invite!

2. Jewel-toned dresses

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.19.43 AM

Show your bridesmaids some love by having them wear jewel-toned dresses! They can all wear one shade, like ruby red, or they can all wear different jewel-toned dresses! Other great colors to consider are dark purple, deep green, and dark blue.

3. Fall decor

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.22.09 AM

So what exactly does fall decor entail? You can use pine cones as place card holders for seats. They can be part of a centerpiece with candles, acorns and flowers. You can even put mini pine cones in your bouquet of flowers! But don’t just limit yourself to pine cones. When you think of fall, don’t you just think of crunchy orange, yellow, and red leaves? Whether they’re real or not, you can use leaves as part of a centerpiece. They can also be a wonderful rose petal replacement down your aisle! (You may want to use fake leaves here, because real ones will definitely be crunchy!) If you have an outdoor wedding, or a rustic indoor wedding, you can put out haystacks, firewood, barrels, and baskets.

4. Fall Food

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.33.31 AM

Play up the menu with food to go along with the fall season! Not all the food options have to be fall-related food, but you can throw in a bit of fall-inspired items here and there. You can start off with a pumpkin soup, there could be grilled zucchini slices in part of a main entree, you could serve butternut squash ravioli, and there could be fresh cinnamon apple pie! Mmm, doesn’t that sound delicious?

5. Chilly weather prep

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.35.00 AM

Outdoor weddings are so much fun! They’re great for spring and summer, but a tiny bit trickier during fall and winter. But don’t fret! You can definitely still have your dream outdoor wedding in the fall! Embrace the crisp, cool air! You can set up a cute area with warm wraps for your guests in case they get cold! You can also set up various heat lamps throughout your outdoor seating and standing areas. If it’s possible, you can set up mini fire pits too! (Then, your guests can roast marshmallows and make s’mores!) You can also have a hot chocolate station, which will be a hit with the kids!

Fall is a great time to be in love and to share that love with your family and friends. Show off your fall wedding ideas on our StyleChat mobile app! Use the hashtag #StyleChatMobile to connect with us on social media! We’d love to see your fall wedding ideas!

By: Stephanie Wong


How to Wear Orange in the Most Flattering Way

Some colors go well with pretty much everything, but when it comes to colors like orange, it can be tricky creating an outfit that is super flattering.  It’s a lot easier to overdose on orange than navy, grey, or black!  Justine King, writer for blog OPSH, gives some helpful tips here for how to wear orange well.

Some shades of orange don’t suit certain skin tones and hair colors, but King suggests that everyone can find at least one tone of orange that is flattering.  If your skin has undertones of pink and blue, she suggests opting for shades of orange that are more red or pink.  If your skin has undertones of yellow, you should be able to pull off orange well even in its full bright capacity!  Personally I think that orange can be harsh next to very pale skin, and sometimes if your hair contains tones of red or orange, the orange garment can wash you out completely.

Nicole Kidman wearing orange. Photo courtesy of OPSH.com - click photo to original post.
Nicole Kidman wearing orange. Photo courtesy of OPSH.com – click photo to original post.

Perhaps you are a little hesitant to start wearing orange and you want to slowly introduce it into your wardrobe.  If so, King cleverly suggests wearing orange but keeping it away from your face.  Try a pair of orange shorts or an orange skirt.  My favorite way to add bold or bright colors to a wardrobe is through an accessory like a handbag, a necklace, or a pair of shoes.  Try wearing a neutral-colored outfit and pair it with an orange handbag so that all of the attention is drawn to the pop of color that’s hanging from your shoulders.  The neutral outfit will balance out the boldness of the orange accessory.

Last but not least King advises to never wear black and orange at the same time, and I completely agree!  Unless it’s the night of Halloween, black and orange comes off as more scary than stylish.  It’s fun to wear orange in October in honor of Halloween, but when the orange starts reminding you of pumpkins and the black starts reminding you of scary spiders, I think it’s time to come up with a different color combination that makes the orange you wear look fun and refreshing, not terrifying.

Photo courtesy of OPSH.com - click to original post
Photo courtesy of OPSH.com – click to original post

After you’ve tested out these suggestions, and you discover how to wear orange in a way that is most flattering to your individual look, step it up a notch and try color-blocking with orange and magenta!

If you need help creating the perfect outfit that incorporates orange, try creating some looks with orange on the StyleChat app!  Show us your favorite way to add a splash of orange to your outfit!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Outfit of the week!

Created with StyleChat
Created with StyleChat

This week it’s all about what to wear on a date! Opt for a pair of skinny pants in a soft, romantic color and throw on a simple yet fun sleeveless blouse.  Mix and match deep Fall colors with lighter summer ones.  Try out a navy or black watch and pair it with a black clutch.  To make your legs look long and lean, throw on a pair of black wedge booties. They’ll give you height, while still being comfortable enough to walk.  Last but not least, add a fun chunky silver necklace that will bring out the sparkle in your eyes.  What’s your go-to date night outfit? Share in the comments below!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Follow me on StyleChat @jparker, when you click on the look from the StyleWall it will direct you to where I found the items.

Zara necklace ($30)
Milly leather pants ($1,050) and clutch ($295)
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch ($175)
Parker top ($198)
Tory Burch boots ($395)

How to Incorporate your Summer Clothes into a Fall-Ready Look

Although the summer has come to an end, you don’t have to ditch your summer clothes just yet. Sara Cantu of Demand Media and Shauna from Penny Chic, share tips about how to make your summer clothes wearable in the Fall.

Like Shauna, Sara suggests in her article methods to combine new Fall colors with summer pastels into one outfit.

Following their tips, I suggest trying a navy, black, or deep-plum skirt with a summery pastel shirt. Throw on a scarf overtop to complete the look. That way you’ll still have the refreshing glow of summer, while also being on trend with Fall’s colors.

One of my favorite things to do is wear a summery dress with Fall accessories, such as a pair of suede or leather boots, a scarf, or a thicker cardigan. They both point out in their suggestions to simply throw on some tights underneath to keep warm.

Growing up in a cold weather climate taught me that tights are a lifesaver! They make it possible to wear fun, summery dresses without freezing!  It’s also a great bonus that tights are super comfortable.

Summer to fall
Examples created on StyleChat

I agree with Sara’s suggestion of wearing a jean jacket. It’s another way to make a summery dress suitable for a casual Fall look.  You don’t have to store your summer dresses during the colder months of the year.  Instead, think about how you can wear what you want, while still being warm and season appropriate, just by adding to your outfit.

Both Sara and Shauna point out that summery tops are key garments that you can wear throughout the year.  Instead of pairing them with shorts or a thin summery skirt, try wearing them with black jeans or a wool skirt.  Tops are so versatile because the layering possibilities are endless!

Even if you wear your favorite short-sleeve sheer pastel pink blouse to school or work, you won’t have to freeze if you wear a warm outer layer or an extra layer underneath. If your sitting at work or in class and the heat is on, it’ll be easy to shed the layers and show off that pretty pink top!

Although buying new clothes for Fall is fun and exciting, instead of switching out your wardrobe, just add to it!

Check out the StyleChat app to find great new Fall colors and accessories that will work miracles on bringing a little bit of Fall to your favorite summer pieces!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Here are some great finds of specific transitional items and tips found from Shauna of Penny Chic.