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The Hottest Trends from Milan Fashion Week

Looking for a little style inspiration? The 2015 Spring/Summer Milan fashion week impressed us with bold colors, feminine designs, sleek cutouts, and slinky silhouettes. Fashionista.com points out some of the hottest trends we saw that week. First, we took a ride on the softer side with designers from Roberto Cavalli to Gucci, featuring sheer ruffled dresses in feminine pastel colors.

Francesco Scognamiglio, No. 21, Roberto Cavalli, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, and Gucci Courtesy of Fashionista.com
Francesco Scognamiglio, No. 21, Roberto Cavalli, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, and Gucci
Courtesy of Fashionista.com

The Milan runway shows featured colors all over the spectrum: from soft and pastel to dark and bold. Green was a standout color being featured by many designers including Prada, Marni, and more. From army matte greens to shiny metallic aqua greens, this color was all over the runways in fun and refreshing ways!

Versace, Prada, Marni, Sergei Grinko, and Ermanno Scervino Courtesy of Fashionista.com
Versace, Prada, Marni, Sergei Grinko, and Ermanno Scervino
Courtesy of Fashionista.com

Many of the runway shows turned up the heat with dresses and blazers featuring side-midriff cutouts. While we’ve seen cutouts a lot in the past couple of years, these outfits featured cutouts in a whole new way, making us rethink our standard blazers.

Fendi, Emporio Armani, DSquared2, Laura Biagiotti, and John Richmond Courtesy of Fashionista.com
Fendi, Emporio Armani, DSquared2, Laura Biagiotti, and John Richmond
Courtesy of Fashionista.com

Last but not least, the runways featured looks with shimmering metallic silver, sometimes from head to toe! While I couldn’t imagine sporting a pair of shiny silver stretch pants, the silver dresses would be a cool, sexy alternative to your typical little black dress look.

Costume National, Aquilano.Rimondi, Philipp Plein, Iceberg, and Genny Courtesy of Fashionista.com
Costume National, Aquilano.Rimondi, Philipp Plein, Iceberg, and Genny
Courtesy of Fashionista.com

Hopefully these four hot trends will give you some inspiration to try wearing something new, something bold, or something refreshing! What was your favorite trend from the Spring/Summer Milan fashion week?

By: Jaclyn Parker

The Hottest Handbags you Need Right Now

Finding the perfect handbag is like finding the perfect man. Okay, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but we’re not lying when we say that this season’s handbags will bring you a lot of happiness!

We’re starting off with red hot handbags. This shiny, red leather Coach shoulder bag will give your look the perfect splash of color!

Photo Courtesy of Bloomingdales ($495.00)
Photo Courtesy of Bloomingdales ($495.00)

An article on fashionisers.com breaks down the hottest handbag trends we’ll see this season. From 70’s fringe to reptile skin, handbags are getting bigger and bolder. Designers, such as Bottega Veneta, Prada, and Lanvin are bringing bold colored skins into their handbag collection.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionisers.com
Photo Courtesy of Fashionisers.com

After sexy new fabrics we then jump into a hot new shape: squared and boxy. Imagine your suitcase and briefcase are combined into one small handbag with a bright color and a chic little handle. Give your slouchy shoulder bags a rest, and try-out these hot new structured handbags!

Photo Courtesy of Fashionisers.com
Photo Courtesy of Fashionisers.com

If square handbags aren’t crazy enough for you, the next trend on the list might be perfect! Keep your eye out for handbags with funky geometric shapes! These wild shapes are mixed with bold colors to create beautiful statement pieces that will add flavor to any look!

Photo Courtesy of Fashionisers.com
Photo Courtesy of Fashionisers.com

Since we’re now welcoming the fall season, it’s time to envelop ourselves in all the luxurious fabrics this season brings, including suede! Try suede in any color, from bright blue to neutral beiges, suede handbags will help transition your look from summer to fall.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionisers.com
Photo Courtesy of Fashionisers.com

What handbag will you sport this season? Check out the StyleChat app to browse and buy all of your favorite bags!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Christian Dior’s Spring 2015 Collection Creates a Futuristic Fantasy

Christian Dior’s Spring 2015 runway show in Paris brought the fashion show experience to a whole new level. It took place in the Louvre’s Cour Carrée. Inside they built a mirrored tent that created perfect reflections to capture a futuristic feel.

Photo courtesy of Yannis Vlamos/ Indigitalimages.com
Photo courtesy of Yannis Vlamos/ Indigitalimages.com

Damien Neva, writer for Next Management, described the atmosphere of the show as “out of this world,” and I can’t help but agree.

The circular white floors and ceilings combined with the bright lights and alien-like music were successful in creating a futuristic atmosphere. It was as if the models were walking on white clouds or in some other universe.

Neva describes the models perfectly when he refers to them as “heavenly bodies” moving on the runway. The collection helped create this heavenly feeling with the use of white and cream in many of the looks.

Silhouettes were soft and airy, adding that extra feeling of fantasy. Neva describes the white as being from the “space-age.” Who knew that this space-age futuristic fashion could be so heavenly divine!

The collection embodied elements of the historical past through the use of familiar silhouettes, like big puffy rounded shoulders that hinted at the Zuit suit trend of the 1940’s, and skirt silhouettes that brought back memories of crinoline.

Photo Courtesy of Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com
Photo Courtesy of Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com

The flashbacks from the past were so refreshingly sweet combined with the fantasy-like feel. After seeing this futuristic-inspired collection, I’d say the future of fashion looks promising.

How will you incorporate the “out of this world” vibe into your looks? There may not be a reflective mirror tent following you around, but you can nonetheless make an impression if you combine old and new silhouettes to create a fresh outfit that inspires.

Check out the StyleChat app to experiment with creating new and heavenly looks!

Then share them with your friends and let us know what elements you find most inspiring from this collection!

Share in the comments below!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Here’s the link to Damien Nava’s article on the event.

Affordable Back to School Looks, BCBG Max Azria Resort 2014

Are you struggling with the constant pull of new trends and all of the expenses that come with it?

As a newly emerged college student having to now plan out expenses based on meals and other necessities, I have had a hard time letting go of the thing that I love the most: fashion. However, with the right amount of dedication and inspiration, anything is possible.

Lourdes from UCLA created affordable ensembles inspired by BCBG Max Azria Resort collection for 2014 in this post for CollegeFashion.com.

This first look (feature photo) a patterned white shift dress, nude strappy wedges and simple-white purse will make any girl weak with envy.

By searching through stores praised for their low prices, Lourdes was able to provide her readers with a chance to recreate this look Boho chic look for a reasonable price.

Photos courtesy of ELLE (left) and CollegeFashion.com (right)
“Summer Separates” Photos courtesy of ELLE (left) and CollegeFashion.com (right)

The next high-priced runway look is comprised of flowy white pants, a black v-neck blouse and bulky black wedges. This shocking look for summer is suddenly in and allows for a more sleek and edgy look for summer.

Luckily, this look is easy to mimic on a smaller budget and perfect for mixing and matching!

"Tailored Romping" Photos courtesy of Elle (left) and CollegeFashion.com (right)
“Tailored Romping” Photos courtesy of Elle (left) and CollegeFashion.com (right)

I will be the first to admit that I think rompers are one of the greatest fashion pieces ever created.

They provide an effortless look to pull together. BCBG’s collection featured a classier version of the common romper with an unusual assortment of black in white, despite the colorful summer pallet we are accustomed to.

This simple look is easy to do yourself and perfect for almost any occasion.

I applaud Lourdes for a wonderful job providing her readers with a perfect replica of these stylish combos.

So when you are shopping for your new back to school clothes and dreading the inevitable dent in your savings account, remember that style is possible even on the tightest of budgets.

Want to recreate some of these looks for your own? Show us and put a twist on them with our StyleChat App!

By Maeve McGeorge

Have you seen Lanvin’s New Collection?

Alber Elbaz, designer for Lanvin, said not too long ago that “fashion should be a factory of dreams.”   I’d say that this collection poignantly delivers on that idea with elegance in style.

According to Nicole Phelps, in her story for style.com, Lanvin’s 2015 resort collection was full of romance and spirit.

Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin Source: style.com
Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin
Source: style.com

Phelps points to pairing a white silk peasant shirt with a floor-length black peasant skirt to prove that inspiring dreams was definitely one of Elbaz’s goals for this collection.

While I do agree that look is inspiring, I think another honorable mention should go out to a stunning black loose-fitted knee-length sleeveless dress with a plunging V-neckline and necktie, which is subtle and simple in the most elegant and sophisticated way.  The dress combines the perfect combination of sexy and classy, with just a touch of rocker-chic.

Phelps describes the collection as being, “…elegant and easy in equal measure…”  The elegance and comfort stems from the soft silhouettes and feminine draping.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see a collection that doesn’t consist of overly-constricting silhouettes.  After all, fashion doesn’t have to hurt.  Soft silhouettes that follow the natural bodyline can be the perfect way to enhance the beauty of a female’s body without restricting it.

Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin Source: style.com
Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin
Source: style.com

This Lanvin resort collection, which Phelps describes as being “rich with options,” satisfies a plethora of needs with its liberal use of black and cream, and with its splash of bright colors that are thrown in for some added intrigue.

Elbaz took special care to ensure that both the aesthetic and functional needs were covered in this collection.  Elbaz states, “A coat needs to be very warm but also very light,” which is why he played around with technical fabrics that would solve these problems without compromising the appearance of the garment.  The black taffeta trench coat looked not only comfortable, but also very sophisticated and elegant.

Phelps mentions that this year is Lanvin’s 125th anniversary.  Elbaz is clearly celebrating in style with this feminine chic collection.  Here’s to hoping that Lanvin celebrates all of its future anniversaries with just as much style and grace.

What do you think of Lanvin’s collection?

By: Jaclyn Parker

Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin Source: style.com
Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin
Source: style.com

Oscar de la Renta’s Resort 2015 Collection Inspires Elegance and Glamor

Oscar de la Renta’s resort 2015 collection dazzles the runway with a classy elegance that praises the sophisticated, feminine woman.  Emily Holt, describes this collection as clothes that are suitable for “the good life”, in her article on vogue.com

They definitely inspire memories of childhood porcelain doll tea parties and invite the desire to play dress-up.  The collection features garden party cocktail dresses, Sunday brunch suits, and glamorous Cinderella dresses with floral designs and beaded detailing.

Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta
Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

From black and white outfits to ones with an infusion of bright, cheerful colors, Oscar de la Renta’s collection has something for every woman’s taste at any age.  Holt describes this as an “ageless elegance.”

Dresses range from daytime to evening, and finish off with a couple prom-like styles with either a peplum and flared skirt, or a 19th-century-inspired wide-skirt with a busk-like appearance.

Holt states, “If we didn’t have de la Renta to turn to for major evening, we’d be sunk.”  I most definitely agree!  I love being able to count on Oscar de la Renta for the most inspiring evening wear.

Skirt lengths range from just above the knee to either at the knee, just below the knee, or to the floor.  It’s very refreshing to see skirt lengths that aren’t extremely short and impractical.  Many of the dresses feature A-line skirts, which add a sense of playful femininity.

The colors range from black and white, to magenta and aqua, with just an added splash of red and purple.  There is just enough color to inspire feelings of warm weather and summer.

This collection exudes optimism.  It can easily bring memories of special events and summertime vacations back to you by reminding you of what you’d want to wear for that kind of occasion.

Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta
Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

Holt states that the collection, “…evoke[s] something more akin to finding joy and optimism in the present moment.”  The collection finishes off with just the right amount of dramatic detailing.

One of the floor-length floral gowns features a massive pink bow, which ties in the back and falls to the floor leaving a fairly long train.  It gives the dress the ultimate feminine touch.

This collection leaves you with a feeling of a glamorous reality.  If I had a party on a yacht tomorrow or a tea party in a garden, I know exactly what I’d want to wear.

By: Jaclyn Parker

Shorter Times from the Catwalk to the Closet

I recently read an article from Rachel Wong, writer for Pretty Living. In the article she argues that runway clothing is being filtered down onto the streets and red carpets too fast.  I’d say that it couldn’t happen fast enough!

We live in a society where turnaround times are getting dramatically quicker and instant availability is a prime concern.  I understand that fashion has many levels and that the couture runway is the crème of the crop, but that doesn’t mean that runway garments need to be adorned for a long time before they are accessible.

The quicker the turnover, the faster designers will have to constantly be refreshing the looks and finding inspiration for new designs, which translates to a very exciting and exhilarating fashion industry.

I believe the fashion industry will be able to adapt to the expedited turnaround times in the fashion industry.  Stores like Zara have made a fortune off the business model of having the quickest turnaround possible.  Give the people what they want!

Loyal Zara customers praise the store for always bringing in new designs that imitate the runway looks.  Some people argue that this is unfair to the original designer, and on same level I do agree with that, but the world of fashion lies within a very collaborative industry where designers and product developers feed off of one another.

Photo courtesy of Lucky magazine

Most true fashion-lovers would know that a copy will only ever be a copy.  The original designer runway looks can still be held up and appreciated for all their beauty, but bringing that beauty to the streets and red carpets quickly, is only a plus, not a detriment.

In a fashion class this year I learned that fashion filters down starting with the elite wealthy population, and slowly making their way down to the working class sect of the population.

Finally I believe this model is being challenged.  I’m not saying that the elite don’t get their hands on couture pieces first, but the fact that a comparable style can be in Zara within a very short time after it appears on the runway proves that our society is pushing the boundaries and limitations of the fashion world.

What do you think? Too fast or bring it on?

By Jaclyn Parker