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Go for Gold this Weekend: Start with your Jewelry

Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

By the end of every weekend, there’s usually a pile of clothes on the floor and a stack of jewelry on the dresser.  Yes, you probably know exactly what I mean.  When preparing for fun nights out, a closet can get exponentially messier as you sift through the good, the bad, and the beautiful.

This weekend it’s time to make your life simpler.  Start by picking out your very chic little black dress.  Step 2: Accessorize with gold rings and gold earrings and pull out the purse that matches!

While a little black dress and stilettos are really all you need to look glamorous, adding a touch of pink lipgloss won’t hurt!

To design your own stylish look for the weekend, download the StyleChat app and create looks with items from your closet or online!  Trying to pick out your outfits alone can be frustrating.  Share your looks with friends on the app.  We all know you have great style, but it never hurts to get a friend’s opinion! Style, share, then wear! StyleChat makes looking chic easy!

Happy Friday!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Denim on Denim: Do or Don’t? 

Lately, the Denim on Denim trend has been consuming my thoughts. Is it a current “do” or is it a dated “don’t”? Is the trend dead now that summer is abruptly ending? Should we be expected to fall victim to this fashion escapade or do we let it slip away into the grave of all other failed trends?

If you ask me, it is very much alive and it is 100% a trend to fall victim to. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears did it 15 years ago (brief pause for the horror that was the early 2000’s) and look at the legacy they’ve left.

photo courtesy of Google

Now I’m not saying that in order to stay up on the current trend, you need to go to your nearest tailor and have an all denim dress made. (Although, that would be impressive and slightly iconic.) What I am saying though, is that you should not be afraid to flirt with the idea of an all denim outfit. Pairing some Madewell jeans with an Alice and Olivia denim jacket is not a terrible idea. In fact, it may be just the switch that you were looking for in your daily wardrobe.

Take a look at some of my favorite all denim outfits by some of the latest and greatest in the fashion world:

Miranda Kerr looking effortless in an all denim chambray/pant combo. Photo courtesy of Google
Alexa Chung is cute as can be; but with her all denim romper, she looks especially playful. Photo Courtesy of
Olivia Palermo puts a seductive spin on her all denim ‘fit with a high slitted skirt. Photo courtesy of Google

Here are some interesting denim pieces in stores now that I’ve thrown together. Head on over to the StyleChat App to shop and style some looks of your own! Don’t disappoint Justin and Britney, whatever you do.

look made on the StyleChat App

By Leah Heyman

Orange Will Never Be The New Black 

I’ve been thinking lately about the color black–its versatility, its reliability, its undying appeal. In my mind, if you’re choosing between a questionable patterned blouse and a classic black one, the answer is obvious. Black is the friend you’ll always have. It will always be there to comfort you when nothing else goes right. 

I am aware that I am writing about the color black as if it is some sort of precious deity. Some could say that I’m being overly dramatic and snobby or that this is a “very SF thing for me to claim.” While others might say that I am speaking the plain truth. I mean truly, can you think of a time when wearing black was a bad idea? Didn’t think so. 

Whether you are going to a formal event, running some errands, exercising, hanging around the house, or meeting up with a hopeful tinder date, black is always a good idea. Trust in this. If for some incredulous reason you do not trust me, (scoff) trust the professionals themselves as they speak on the beloved wardrobe staple.

Looks created on the StyleChat app 

Christian Dior, the creative genius that he is claims that “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” 

Neiman Marcus makes the spicy assumption that “women who wear black live colourful lives” and I would have to agree. Well said Neiman, we really do. 

Yves Saint Laurent loves black because “it affirms, designs, and styles. A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke.” More articulately put than conceivably possible, but an extremely true statement, nonetheless. 

There will never be another black, and that is exactly what I love about it. 

By: Leah Heyman 

How to Take your Simple Jeans and a Tee Style to the Next Level

There’s something about the sun shining and the warm breeze that makes summer the time to re-evaluate your wardrobe staples, highlighting your favorite basics, your must-have statement pieces, and your summer necessities, like sunglasses and a hat.

Who wants to spend hours getting ready in the morning when the sun is streaming through your windows and everyone is out enjoying the heat?  Not me!  Throwing on jeans and a simple tee is a great alternative to rummaging through your overflowing closet for your wildest showstopper pieces.  Relaxing outside with friends calls for an equally relaxing outfit, with just one small caveat: simple and relaxed clothing is fine, but pairing it with compliment-worthy accessories makes it even better!


Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

It’s all about the eyewear in the Summer!  Bold shades take the attention from your clothing to your face, so why not add a pair of boho-inspired chandelier earrings!

Your feet are in luck as well because this Summer some of the cutest shoes have been flat slip-on sandals or mules!  Check out the StyleChat app to find out where you can buy all the hot items featured in the above look!

By: Jaclyn Parker


Congrats Grads!

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college- four years of hard work has come to a close and your future is so bright! The thought can be daunting, but remember you’ve made it this far and with a few steps further each day you’re bound to produce a lifetime of achievements.

So what’s next? Interviews, internships, volunteering- all of the best for post grad! And of course you gotta look and feel your best. We’ve rounded up some tip top options for all your professional needs. Take on your next steps with cool and confidence. You deserve it!



Forever21 Pleated Jumpsuit, $30; Chalayan Sculptured jacket, $1860; Ember Blush Suede heels, $150; Kate Space pearl studs, $48; Fossil word bag, $300

Style Spotlight: Ingrid Van Diest

Today we’re highlighting ASOS student insider, Ingrid Van Diest! Ingrid is a Communications and Media Studies major at the University of San Francisco. She loves words and pretty pictures, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Nicks, and everything style and fashion!

She’s provided us with a few style tips, and a style board of her own. Check her out on Instagram to add serious inspo to your feed! @ingridvandiest

Closet Necessities: Classic leather jacket, Stilettos, a white tee, and cat eye sunnies
Dream job: Editor in Chief of Vogue Spain.
Sneaker of choice?  Converse Chuck Taylors. They go with everything.
Your guilty pleasure style stalk?  Olivia Culpo.
Favorite film to watch for style inspiration? Clueless, Cher Horowitz is my idol.
Favorite item you’re wearing at the moment? My Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses. I can’t leave the house without them!
What is luxury? Anything that makes you feel great and confident.
What is fashion?  An excuse to play dress-up everyday.


🐦: @ingridvandiest
👻: ivandiest

-Ashley Cooke, Social Media Intern



Staples are Forever


Check out these amazing spring staples every fashion girl needs. All curated for a woman of any age- those who aspire to run the town as CEO or those who are changing the world from a creative lense. Our favorites have been pulled here- shop and curate on StyleChat for a wardrobe that will last you forever, and ever, ever.

Loren Stewart Hoop Earrings, $395; Fiera Silk Slipdress, $150; Nine West Strap Sandal, $80; J. Crew Wide Leg Jeans, $248; H&M Blazer, $35; Rag & Bone Turtleneck, $55


Ashley Cooke, Social Media Intern