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Outfit of the Week: Mar. 7th


Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

Today’s look is all about looking flirty and fun! Whether you’re going on a date or out to dinner with coworkers, a pair of high heel pumps is exactly what you need!  These blue Jimmy Choo’s will look great paired with the miniskirt and black top from Zara! The classic black handbag from Bloomingdales adds the perfect touch of structure to the look! Why not add in a red leather jacket and simple gold necklace for some flair?

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By: Jaclyn Parker


Dress to Impress at Work with these Stylish Blazers

For many people, the new year means a new job!  Whether you’ve been at your job for a while, or your making a first impression at a new one, having the right attire is absolutely key!

A blazer can make any look more professional, stylish, and chic.  Blazers don’t have to be boring and simple.  The classic black blazer is great, but definitely not your only option when it comes to blazers!  We’ve got bold colors, cool patterns, structured silhouettes, and cool zippers!

These Zara blazers in yellow and blue will let you refresh your look with a fun burst of color!

Blazers from Zara
Blazers from Zara

Ready to take the notch up a bit?  We’ve got patterns, sequins, pin stripes, and more!

Neiman Marcus
Blazers from Neiman Marcus

Too flashy for your taste?  No problem.  These two blazers from Mango are simple, yet stylish.  They’ll give you a sophisticated look and keep you looking fashionable and chic!

Blazers from Mango
Blazers from Mango

On the weekend, these workwear blazers can easily transform into a weekend casual look when dressed down with a pair of jeans.

By: Jaclyn Parker


The Effects of Fast-Fashion on our Retail Industry

A recent Forbes article dissects the consequences of fast fashion retailers on the retail market. In a world where everyone strives for better, quicker, newer, cheaper, more efficient, and more innovative, we’re left with the scintillating question: why pay $350.00 for something we can get for $25.00?

Photo Courtesy of Cameron Spencer/Getty Images, Featured on Business Insider
Photo Courtesy of Cameron Spencer/Getty Images, Featured on Business Insider

Fast-fashion is generally aimed at teens and young adults because this age range often includes unemployed, starving students who can’t afford expensive clothing. It also encompasses a time when young women want all the latest and greatest trends. While having a closet filled with designer goods may be great, it’s not always realistic! Fast-fashion gives women the opportunity to wear the latest trends without the cost that comes with buying high quality items with designer names attached.

When hunting for a good deal, a person is faced with two options. They can either go to a mid to luxury store and search through a random sale rack, or go to a fast-fashion store where almost every item is in the affordable range. Have you ever gone into a luxury store and fallen in love with an item just before flipping the tag around to see that it costs a thousand dollars? Remember that sinking feeling in your heart when you realized you had to walk out of the store without the item of your dreams? We’ve all been there. Fast-fashion retailers offer the most popular remedy for this crisis.

Walk into Zara and you’ll see the hottest trends and looks from the latest runway shows. The turnover for fast-fashion stores is incredible. My favorite part is walking into the same store two to three weeks later and seeing a whole new collection of merchandise! Having fresh options is key. This is definitely where fast-fashion retailers excel.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.13.36 PM

What’s your opinion on fast-fashion? Would you rather buy less and buy high quality designer labels, or buy more items more often and sacrifice quality? We’d love to hear about your shopping strategies; share with us in the comments!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Get your Fashion Inspiration from the Street

Harper’s Bazaar counts down for us, some of the hottest spring street styles. The runways and magazines are great places to turn for fashion inspiration, but sometimes the best inspiration comes from taking a closer look at what people are wearing on the street.  We all see how our favorite items look on hangers in the store, but it’s truly inspirational when you get to see them paired with other hot items by people on the street.

The first street-trend in the Harper’s Bazaar article I’d like to focus on has already exploded in the market with colorful designs and cool platforms. I predict the sport sneakers trend is here to stay for a while with fresh and even-cooler styles.

I believe sporty-sneakers are in for a long rotation because, who doesn’t love a trend that is stylish, comfortable, and practical all at the same time?!  Best of all, you can dress them up or dress them down depending on what you wear with them.  Want to wear a skirt? No problem! Your funky sneakers will make your look chic and stylish, just like in the picture featured below.

Photo Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar. Credit Diego Zuko. Click through to original source.
Photo Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar. Credit Diego Zuko. Click through to original source.

The next thing we’ve learned from the street is, overalls are awesome! Light blue denim, dark blue denim, leather; they can all be used to make a stylish pair of overalls.  Whether you like the typical overall pants or overalls as a dress, this trend is not only hot and heavy on the streets, it’s also filling up the racks in all our favorite stores.  If you like this trend, check out these slightly distressed overalls from Zara.

Photo Courtesy of Zara ($79.90) Click through to original post.
Photo Courtesy of Zara ($79.90) Click through to original post.

Another trend on the street is the shirt-dress. The button down shirt dress is so versatile because you can wear it on it’s own, wear it with tights, put a cute belt around it to dress it up, or throw a sweater over top for extra warmth.

Style.com features some of the hottest shirt-dress ensembles, like the one in the featured image. Throw on some high heels and a hobo bag with your white shirt-dress and everyone will turn heads as you’re crossing the street.

Photo Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar, Credit Diego Zuko. Click through to original post.
Photo Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar, Credit Diego Zuko. Click through to original post.

So the next time you’re rummaging through a fashion magazine or surfing the Internet for the hottest trends, head to the city and walk outside. Some of the hottest trends are filling up our streets.

Check out the StyleChat app to shop through your favorite stores to find a stylish pair of new sneakers, a pair of overalls, a shirt-dress, or any other item you love!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Outfit of the Week: Jan. 26th

Inspirational outfit. Photo Courtesy of The Eche Blog. Click over to the original post
Inspirational outfit. Photo Courtesy of The Eche Blog. Click over to the original post

This week’s outfit of the week goes to a winter look featured on The-Eche blog.  The look combines several black pieces with a couple splashes of red to make the outfit fun.

She wears a black and red dress with a pair of black tights and red booties.  The red booties help to bring out the red part of the dress.  To keep the look consistent and classic, she throws on a medium length black winter coat with a wide-open collar.

Last but not least, she carries a thin black messenger bag, which gives the look a sophisticated and professional touch.  To see how you can get a similar look, check out the outfit I put together below.  Once you’ve got the look, feel free to add a statement watch or a pair of gold earrings to add a little extra glam to a fun winter outfit.

By: Jaclyn Parker

Created in StyleChat
Created with the StyleChat App

Coat: Zara ($119.99)
Skirt: Forever 21 ($14.90)
Top: Forever 21 ($27.90)
Tights: Macy’s ($12.00)
Handbag: Zara ($35.90)
Boots: Nordstrom ($192.95)


Outfit of the Week: Jan 5th

This week’s outfit of the week goes to a fun and flirty look featured on the blog Sincerely, Sonia.  Whether you’re going to class or hanging out with friends, wearing a leather miniskirt with stockings and a pair of black booties can be a great way to make any winter outfit more feminine!

Photo Courtesy of Sincerely Sonia. Click through to her blog
Photo Courtesy of Sincerely Sonia. Click through to her blog

On top, Sonia keeps warm with a white button-down blouse, a grey cable-knit sweater, and a black coat on top.  Seeing all three layers at once, including the collar of the white blouse, makes this look extra stylish!  The yellow neon necklace adds the perfect amount of color to keep this look exciting.  Last but not least, the pearl studs and sunglasses add a simple and sophisticated touch.  Check out the outfit below to see how you can get a similar look!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Created with the StyleChat App.
Created with the StyleChat App.

Skirt: Forever 21 ($19.90)
Blouse: Zara ($59.90)
Sweater: Piperlime ($134.50)
Coat: Zara ($149.99)
Necklace: The Outnet ($224.00)
Booties:  Nordstrom ($389.00)
Earrings: H&M ($2.95)
Sunglasses: Gucci at Shopbop ($325.00)

Outfit of the Week: Dec. 8th

This week’s outfit of the week uses only black and white to create a sophisticated and playful look for the cold weather.  The Fashion Emporium blog features a black and white outfit complete with the perfect accessories to make the outfit shine!  The main body of the outfit features a cute black and white checked skirt with a casual white top, and a fun baggy black cardigan.

Courtesy of The Fashion Emporium Blog. Click for the original post.
Courtesy of The Fashion Emporium Blog. Click for the original post.

The best part of the outfit is the sleek accessories.  To keep yourself warm from the cold, try wearing a black and white plaid scarf around your neck and black stockings on your legs.  For an extra-added flair, slip on a pair of Ray-Ban aviators.  Grab your favorite oversized black bag and your comfy pair of black leather booties and you’ll be ready for your close-up!

Check out the look created in StyleChat to see how you can get a similar look! In StyleChat you will be able to mix and match pieces, all leading back to where they were found.

By: Jaclyn Parker

Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

Skirt: Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th ($71.99)
Top: Zara ($19.90)
Cardigan: Zara ($59.90)
Booties: Nordstrom ($389.00)
Sunglasses: Nordstrom – Ray Ban ($150.00)
Scarf: Lulus
Bag: Nordstrom – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Outfit of the Week: Nov. 3rd

Photo Courtesy of Sartorial-Revenge.com, Click image for original source.

This week’s outfit of the week goes to Sartorial-Revenge’s layered look.  This blog shows us how to layer pieces for a warm and cozy Fall outfit.  Start with your favorite pair of black tights and pair it with a white tunic blouse.  To fight off those cold mornings throw on a black vest or black sweater over top of the blouse. For the last layer opt for an oversized dark grey jacket or cape sweater.  Look for ones that have wide arms so that the layers underneath will fit into the sleeves.  Depending on the weather you can wear the jacket open or closed.  To finish off the look, add a silver or grey clutch to the mix.  The best part about this outfit is that you can shed the layers as the sun comes out.

Created in the StyleChat App

By: Jaclyn Parker

Grey Coat – Zara ($189)
Grey Sweater – Zara ($129)
Blouse – Zara ($49)
Black Sweater – Zara ($39)
Leggings – Zara ($69.90)
Clutch – Macy’s ($51.99)

Outfit of the week!

Created with StyleChat
Created with StyleChat

This week it’s all about what to wear on a date! Opt for a pair of skinny pants in a soft, romantic color and throw on a simple yet fun sleeveless blouse.  Mix and match deep Fall colors with lighter summer ones.  Try out a navy or black watch and pair it with a black clutch.  To make your legs look long and lean, throw on a pair of black wedge booties. They’ll give you height, while still being comfortable enough to walk.  Last but not least, add a fun chunky silver necklace that will bring out the sparkle in your eyes.  What’s your go-to date night outfit? Share in the comments below!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Follow me on StyleChat @jparker, when you click on the look from the StyleWall it will direct you to where I found the items.

Zara necklace ($30)
Milly leather pants ($1,050) and clutch ($295)
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch ($175)
Parker top ($198)
Tory Burch boots ($395)

Shorter Times from the Catwalk to the Closet

I recently read an article from Rachel Wong, writer for Pretty Living. In the article she argues that runway clothing is being filtered down onto the streets and red carpets too fast.  I’d say that it couldn’t happen fast enough!

We live in a society where turnaround times are getting dramatically quicker and instant availability is a prime concern.  I understand that fashion has many levels and that the couture runway is the crème of the crop, but that doesn’t mean that runway garments need to be adorned for a long time before they are accessible.

The quicker the turnover, the faster designers will have to constantly be refreshing the looks and finding inspiration for new designs, which translates to a very exciting and exhilarating fashion industry.

I believe the fashion industry will be able to adapt to the expedited turnaround times in the fashion industry.  Stores like Zara have made a fortune off the business model of having the quickest turnaround possible.  Give the people what they want!

Loyal Zara customers praise the store for always bringing in new designs that imitate the runway looks.  Some people argue that this is unfair to the original designer, and on same level I do agree with that, but the world of fashion lies within a very collaborative industry where designers and product developers feed off of one another.

Photo courtesy of Lucky magazine

Most true fashion-lovers would know that a copy will only ever be a copy.  The original designer runway looks can still be held up and appreciated for all their beauty, but bringing that beauty to the streets and red carpets quickly, is only a plus, not a detriment.

In a fashion class this year I learned that fashion filters down starting with the elite wealthy population, and slowly making their way down to the working class sect of the population.

Finally I believe this model is being challenged.  I’m not saying that the elite don’t get their hands on couture pieces first, but the fact that a comparable style can be in Zara within a very short time after it appears on the runway proves that our society is pushing the boundaries and limitations of the fashion world.

What do you think? Too fast or bring it on?

By Jaclyn Parker