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Draw Some Freckles for your Face

Do you remember watching the movie 101 Dalmatians? Do you remember the dog who had no spots? I feel like that’s comparable to those of us who don’t have freckles.  However, we do have this freckle pencil.

Courtesy of Topshop, Click to Original Website.
Courtesy of Topshop, Click to Original Website.

Errand for the day: Pick up my freckles at the store. Did you know you can buy this freckle pencil from Topshop? Not even joking.

I grew up with a bunch of friends who were annoyed that they were speckled in freckles. I never really thought much about freckles; either you had them or you didn’t. My friends who had freckles would always hide them under heavy foundation. They told me how lucky I was that I didn’t have any, but I never understood why they were considered a bad thing.

Now there’s this freckle pencil. I think the saying, “we always want what we can’t have” is true in this situation. If you have freckles, you don’t want them, and if you don’t have freckles, you want them.

Photo Courtesy of Cup of Jo, Featured on Refinery29, Click to Original Website.
Photo Courtesy of Cup of Jo, Featured on Refinery29, Click to Original Website.












For you non-freckled ladies out there, you can now draw on some freckles! I’m not sure how the staying power works with this freckle pencil, but I’d imagine you should set the freckles with a thin layer of some loose powder.

I’m curious to know, have any of you ladies already tried using this freckle pencil? What are your thoughts?

By: Stephanie Wong



Bold Frenzy

This spring and summer is all about being BOLD, STANDING OUT, BOLD COLORS, BOLD PRINTS, and most importantly BOLD PIECES to spice up your wardrobe.

From adding vibrant colors that turn heads to vicious patterns and prints that break necks. I’ll have you know that Topshop is my best-friend this season! Not only will you find pieces that complement your personal style but also pieces that are timeless and chic.

photo 1


This electric blue leather skirt and cherry red top from Topshop not only make a bold statement, but can also be major pieces of your wardrobe. Pair the top with skinny jeans and the skirt with a solid, white top for a more subtle and tamed look.



photo 2


Floral is also a must have this season! This Topshop floral dress has all the potential to be a show stopper. Paired with these gorgeous #Stevemadden pumps for an uptown look or with flats for a subtle more relaxed look.

Now shop away!