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How to Take your Simple Jeans and a Tee Style to the Next Level

There’s something about the sun shining and the warm breeze that makes summer the time to re-evaluate your wardrobe staples, highlighting your favorite basics, your must-have statement pieces, and your summer necessities, like sunglasses and a hat.

Who wants to spend hours getting ready in the morning when the sun is streaming through your windows and everyone is out enjoying the heat?  Not me!  Throwing on jeans and a simple tee is a great alternative to rummaging through your overflowing closet for your wildest showstopper pieces.  Relaxing outside with friends calls for an equally relaxing outfit, with just one small caveat: simple and relaxed clothing is fine, but pairing it with compliment-worthy accessories makes it even better!


Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

It’s all about the eyewear in the Summer!  Bold shades take the attention from your clothing to your face, so why not add a pair of boho-inspired chandelier earrings!

Your feet are in luck as well because this Summer some of the cutest shoes have been flat slip-on sandals or mules!  Check out the StyleChat app to find out where you can buy all the hot items featured in the above look!

By: Jaclyn Parker