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Shorter Times from the Catwalk to the Closet

I recently read an article from Rachel Wong, writer for Pretty Living. In the article she argues that runway clothing is being filtered down onto the streets and red carpets too fast.  I’d say that it couldn’t happen fast enough!

We live in a society where turnaround times are getting dramatically quicker and instant availability is a prime concern.  I understand that fashion has many levels and that the couture runway is the crème of the crop, but that doesn’t mean that runway garments need to be adorned for a long time before they are accessible.

The quicker the turnover, the faster designers will have to constantly be refreshing the looks and finding inspiration for new designs, which translates to a very exciting and exhilarating fashion industry.

I believe the fashion industry will be able to adapt to the expedited turnaround times in the fashion industry.  Stores like Zara have made a fortune off the business model of having the quickest turnaround possible.  Give the people what they want!

Loyal Zara customers praise the store for always bringing in new designs that imitate the runway looks.  Some people argue that this is unfair to the original designer, and on same level I do agree with that, but the world of fashion lies within a very collaborative industry where designers and product developers feed off of one another.

Photo courtesy of Lucky magazine

Most true fashion-lovers would know that a copy will only ever be a copy.  The original designer runway looks can still be held up and appreciated for all their beauty, but bringing that beauty to the streets and red carpets quickly, is only a plus, not a detriment.

In a fashion class this year I learned that fashion filters down starting with the elite wealthy population, and slowly making their way down to the working class sect of the population.

Finally I believe this model is being challenged.  I’m not saying that the elite don’t get their hands on couture pieces first, but the fact that a comparable style can be in Zara within a very short time after it appears on the runway proves that our society is pushing the boundaries and limitations of the fashion world.

What do you think? Too fast or bring it on?

By Jaclyn Parker