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Baby it’s Cold Outside

With the holidays underway, it is time to break out those holiday sweaters and booties to keep warm from the cold. No, I am not talking about your grandmother’s holiday sweater with a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer riding in Santa’s sleigh on it.  I am talking about this season’s biggest fashion rage: loose and baggy comfy knit sweaters that pair perfectly with short ankle booties.

In Vicky’s Style Fashion blog, she features a variety of winter outfits that will be sure to send you those warm holiday fuzzes. In one outfit, she pairs white denim jeans with a periwinkle blue trench coat, which is a great statement piece to add a pop of color this holiday season. To complete the look she adds brown suede booties, a striped sweater and a crisp white knit beanie to complete the wintry feel.

Click to Vicky's Style Blog
Click to Vicky’s Style Blog

Baggy sweaters and booties are not only trending here in the US, but across the globe in Antwerp.  A collection of pastel colored knit sweaters and black lace up booties featured at a local H&M has left mannequins hanging off the edge of their seats.

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Whether you are in the US or traveling across the globe, a baggy sweater and booties are the way to go. Just be sure to wear your favorite scarf and knit beanie because “baby its cold outside.”

By: Kiana Kuns