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New Instagram Algorithm to Give you Style Tips

At my Alma Mater, the University of Toronto, researchers have created an algorithm that will make suggestions to improve your photos after they analyze them. We all know that good content can be the deciding factor in how many likes, comments, or follows you get, so imagine having the key to knowing which images will succeed and which ones will not! A Harper’s Bazaar article points out a pivotal point from the Computer Vision Foundation report: we all want to look good in our own unique ways, whether it be casual, fancy, professional, or whatever. Imagine a tool that can help you determine how fashionable you look in an image or how you could increase the image’s appeal!

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.28.33 PM


So how was this algorithm developed? The researchers analyzed posted images from chictopia.com, a social photo sharing website that allows people to share images of their outfits. They evaluated the pictures based on elements such as the fashions shown, the comments, and the responses. The results showed that there are factors that can make a post more or less likely to have higher interest from the community.

The algorithm will help you improve your images by giving you feedback on the actual outfit, the location of your picture, as well as information about fit, lighting, angles, and other aesthetic factors.

Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

What’s your feeling on this? Can the success of our subjective fashion posts be broken down into an algorithm? Would you alter your photos in accordance with the algorithm’s advice? Will this algorithm revolutionize how we use Instagram? We want to hear what you think! Share in the comments below.

Speaking of Instagram, don’t forget to follow us @stylechatmobile. We may not have the benefit of the algorithm yet, but you’ll still find some great fashion looks!

By: Jaclyn Parker


Outfit of the Week: Feb 2nd.

This week’s outfit of the week goes to a look featured on the Savvysandy blog.  This casual and effortlessly chic look is perfect for any casual occasion, whether you’re having a fun weekend outing with friends or just running errands.

Photo Courtesy of Savvy Sandy. Click over to original post.
Photo Courtesy of Savvy Sandy. Click over to original post.

Sandy combines great classic basics to create this chic look. The outfit features a casual white V-neck shirt with a pair of skinny blue jeans.  The slight rip in the jeans makes the look slightly more edgy and chic.  The black blazer adds a fun, stylish element.  The big black satchel handbag acts as a great compliment to the blazer.  To finish off the look, Sandy throws on a pair of black pumps and brown aviator sunglasses.

Check out the outfit below to see how you can get a similar look!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

Shirt: Gap ($14.00)
Jeans: AG at Nordstrom ($225.00)
Blazer: Zara ($29.99)
Handbag: Kate Spade at Nordstrom
Shoes: Sam Edelman at Nordstrom ($109.95)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban at Nordstrom ($160.00)

Outfit of the Week: Jan. 26th

Inspirational outfit. Photo Courtesy of The Eche Blog. Click over to the original post
Inspirational outfit. Photo Courtesy of The Eche Blog. Click over to the original post

This week’s outfit of the week goes to a winter look featured on The-Eche blog.  The look combines several black pieces with a couple splashes of red to make the outfit fun.

She wears a black and red dress with a pair of black tights and red booties.  The red booties help to bring out the red part of the dress.  To keep the look consistent and classic, she throws on a medium length black winter coat with a wide-open collar.

Last but not least, she carries a thin black messenger bag, which gives the look a sophisticated and professional touch.  To see how you can get a similar look, check out the outfit I put together below.  Once you’ve got the look, feel free to add a statement watch or a pair of gold earrings to add a little extra glam to a fun winter outfit.

By: Jaclyn Parker

Created in StyleChat
Created with the StyleChat App

Coat: Zara ($119.99)
Skirt: Forever 21 ($14.90)
Top: Forever 21 ($27.90)
Tights: Macy’s ($12.00)
Handbag: Zara ($35.90)
Boots: Nordstrom ($192.95)


Outfit of the Week: Dec. 8th

This week’s outfit of the week uses only black and white to create a sophisticated and playful look for the cold weather.  The Fashion Emporium blog features a black and white outfit complete with the perfect accessories to make the outfit shine!  The main body of the outfit features a cute black and white checked skirt with a casual white top, and a fun baggy black cardigan.

Courtesy of The Fashion Emporium Blog. Click for the original post.
Courtesy of The Fashion Emporium Blog. Click for the original post.

The best part of the outfit is the sleek accessories.  To keep yourself warm from the cold, try wearing a black and white plaid scarf around your neck and black stockings on your legs.  For an extra-added flair, slip on a pair of Ray-Ban aviators.  Grab your favorite oversized black bag and your comfy pair of black leather booties and you’ll be ready for your close-up!

Check out the look created in StyleChat to see how you can get a similar look! In StyleChat you will be able to mix and match pieces, all leading back to where they were found.

By: Jaclyn Parker

Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

Skirt: Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th ($71.99)
Top: Zara ($19.90)
Cardigan: Zara ($59.90)
Booties: Nordstrom ($389.00)
Sunglasses: Nordstrom – Ray Ban ($150.00)
Scarf: Lulus
Bag: Nordstrom – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Ideas for Dressing Comfy and Cute this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s almost time to figure out what outfit you’re going to wear to dinner.  Whether you’re going to a friend or family’s place, or you’re staying in with your loved one, you’ll want to feel comfy.

Found on Chicisimo.com
Found on Chicisimo.com

Eva Smith, writer for fashionsy.com, gives some helpful tips on what to wear on this food-obsessed holiday in her post found here.  She suggests a number of casual outfits that will allow you to be comfortable when you’re socializing with friends, cooking a turkey dinner, or setting the table.

First she advises wearing loose-fitting clothes.  After all, nobody wants a constricting shirt or pant waistband causing pain after eating a feast complete with yummy dessert. Therefore, try wearing an oversized sweater with a pair of loose-fitting boyfriend jeans or tights.

Found on Chicisimo.com
Found on Chicisimo.com

A sweater dress is also another comfortable and cute option.  You’ll look feminine and be cozy at the same time.

Found on Chicisimo.com
Found on Chicisimo.com

To make a casual outfit a bit more stylish, try adding an infinity scarf or a blazer.  If you wear a blazer, you’ll have the option of taking it off if you get warm, or leaving it on if it’s cold.  Wearing a blazer in a bold color like red, will take a comfy and casual outfit to the next level.

Like Smith mentions, loose-fitting clothes are key for this holiday.  So opt for a pair of loose-fitting soft and silky pants like the ones featured in the image below.  If you’re feeling daring, wear a pair that have a fun pattern, but then keep your top simple and solid-colored.

Found on Chicisimo.com
Found on Chicisimo.com

After you’ve found the perfect Thanksgiving outfit, I say throw on some of your favorite jewels to liven it up.  After all, this is a celebration so your outfit should look festive!  Wear that favorite long necklace of yours, or those fun chandelier earrings that you love!

Follow these steps and you’ll have the perfect comfy and cute look this Thanksgiving.  Have you picked out your outfit yet? Share in the comments below or in the StyleChat App!

By: Jaclyn Parker

How to Wear Houndstooth this Fall

When I say the word “houndstooth,” the reaction I get is usually, “Huh?” Many people are familiar with the houndstooth print when they see it, but have no idea what it’s called.

This is what houndstooth print looks like:houndstooth3

Now you know what I’m talking about, right?

Although you can find many different colorful houndstooth prints, it is a classic, black and white, jagged-checkered print.

So why should you care? Houndstooth is a hot print this fall.

But how do you wear something so bold? Have no fear, we’ve got ideas on how to look your best in houndstooth print.

But why would you need tips on how to wear houndstooth?

Well, as much as we love Lady Gaga, this is what we want to stay away from when wearing houndstooth:

Yikes! This really is too much of a good thing at once.


You can totally wear all those houndstooth-printed items, we just suggest not wearing them all at once.

Houndstooth overload!

So where do we begin? Let’s start with a houndstooth dress. The one Lady Gaga has on above is gorgeous! If you’re going to attempt to wear so much of this print, dress everything else down so that the dress takes center stage. I mean, if you look at her for too long, you might start to get dizzy because there’s just so much going on at once!

This means wear simple or no jewelry at all. Aim for either simple makeup or classic makeup. Go for light mascara and a light lip color, or a smooth cat eye and a bold red lip color. Go for a solid purse as well as a solid shoe. Wear your hair down for a casual look, or pull it back in a bun or high ponytail for a sleeker look.

Most of all, have confidence when you walk around in a dress this bold! If you don’t walk around like you know you’re rockin’ that look, no one will believe it!

So what if you want to accessorize using houndstooth, instead of having it being the center of attention in your outfit? No problem at all! If you’re in a simple outfit and want to spice it up with some houndstooth print, try a pair of houndstooth heels or flats. I can guarantee your feet will be the most interesting ones in an elevator full of plain work shoes! 😉

Not a big shoe person? That’s OK. Try a small houndstooth clutch or scarf. Or do you love jewelry? Houndstooth earrings or a necklace would be cute! Or maybe you like showing off your style via your nails! Houndstooth nail art is all the rage!

No matter how you wear it, wear it proudly!

Here are some of our houndstooth favorites:

Save my look in StyleChat to mix and match to make your own houndstooth outfit.

By: Stephanie Wong