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Tapestry for your Hair, not your Walls

If every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway, then you’ve got to prepare your hair for a full day of fun. It’s summer, so why not add a splash of color into your hairdo? This new hair tapestry look will surely make everyone do double-takes when they look at you.

How exactly does hair tapestry work? Well, it’s basically thread that’s woven into your hair in a pattern. You can use different colored thread and different patterns to create a pretty fabulous end result.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram user BleachLondon
Photo Courtesy of Instagram user BleachLondon

You can get this hairstyle done by a hair stylist who’s familiar with the process, or in a salon such as Bleach London, where the stylists offer hair tapestry.

Don’t worry, DIY pals! You can definitely try a hair tapestry look at home. Grab a friend who’s into DIY or someone who works well with hair, and have a hair tapestry trial session!

Here are the steps you’ll need when trying this at home, courtesy of a POPSUGAR article by Kirbie Johnson:

STEP 1: Secure a tapestry loom around the section of your hair you wish to weave

STEP 2: Separate the strands of hair to create a ‘warp’

STEP 3 : Then use a flat blunt needle with embroidery thread and weave it through the hair as a ‘weft,’ creating the width of tapestry you would like then weaving backwards and forwards to create the chosen length

STEP 4 : You can switch thread colors to create a pattern and create different shapes by tapering the embroidery if you wish

STEP 5 : Weave the final thread through the back of the work to finish

Photo Courtesy of Instagram user BleachLondon
Photo Courtesy of Instagram user BleachLondon

You’ll probably be OK if you have needlepoint skills, or if you have previous experience sewing or weaving. You can even search for cute patterns online if you want to get unique! Whether it’s simple or very detailed, hair tapestry isn’t too popular yet, so start this fun trend and get people talking about it! Whether or not this becomes the next best thing, you’re bound to make a fun and edgy statement.  Are you brave enough to try it?

By Stephanie Wong