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New Instagram Algorithm to Give you Style Tips

At my Alma Mater, the University of Toronto, researchers have created an algorithm that will make suggestions to improve your photos after they analyze them. We all know that good content can be the deciding factor in how many likes, comments, or follows you get, so imagine having the key to knowing which images will succeed and which ones will not! A Harper’s Bazaar article points out a pivotal point from the Computer Vision Foundation report: we all want to look good in our own unique ways, whether it be casual, fancy, professional, or whatever. Imagine a tool that can help you determine how fashionable you look in an image or how you could increase the image’s appeal!

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.28.33 PM


So how was this algorithm developed? The researchers analyzed posted images from chictopia.com, a social photo sharing website that allows people to share images of their outfits. They evaluated the pictures based on elements such as the fashions shown, the comments, and the responses. The results showed that there are factors that can make a post more or less likely to have higher interest from the community.

The algorithm will help you improve your images by giving you feedback on the actual outfit, the location of your picture, as well as information about fit, lighting, angles, and other aesthetic factors.

Created with the StyleChat App
Created with the StyleChat App

What’s your feeling on this? Can the success of our subjective fashion posts be broken down into an algorithm? Would you alter your photos in accordance with the algorithm’s advice? Will this algorithm revolutionize how we use Instagram? We want to hear what you think! Share in the comments below.

Speaking of Instagram, don’t forget to follow us @stylechatmobile. We may not have the benefit of the algorithm yet, but you’ll still find some great fashion looks!

By: Jaclyn Parker


Tips on How to make your Yoga Pants look Flattering

Whether or not we like it, we all know that yoga pants have become a staple wardrobe item for many women.  There are some people who may argue that yoga pants are just for the gym, but if you take a close look at the styles we’re seeing on the street, clearly many women disagree.

An article written by Maria Denardo on The Fashion Spot, gives us the do’s and don’ts for wearing yoga pants as a daily wardrobe piece.

Photo Courtesy of Athleta, featured on The Fashion Spot.
Photo Courtesy of Athleta, featured on The Fashion Spot.

Firstly, let’s start off with the “do’s” of wearing yoga pants.  Denardo reminds us of the Lululemon sheer pants debacle, and advises that we learn from that by double-checking to make sure that our yoga pants are not see-through.  So do look for a pair of yoga pants that are opaque.

Next, make sure to opt for a pair of yoga pants in your true size. Nothing good can come from wearing yoga pants that are obviously too tight.  Wearing too small of a size leads to the aforementioned see-through effect.

Thirdly, have fun layering your look.  Denardo advises wearing a leather jacket or dark trench coat to take your yoga pants from casual to dressy.  Last but not least, feel inspired to accessorize with your yoga pants.  Try wearing over-sized sunglasses or a chunky necklace to add some glamor to this casual and comfy look.

Photo Courtesy of Athleta.
Photo Courtesy of Athleta. ($74)

I checked out one of my favorite athletic clothing stores, Athleta, and found these simple, yet uniquely designed three-quarter length yoga pants.  The stripes on the sides of the pants will help make your legs look long and lean.

Next we have a pair of Lululemon yoga pants that will keep you stylish and comfortable.  Whether you’re doing impressive handstands or just walking the dog, the yoga pants featured below are a great alternative to the styles that are super form-fitting.  I love them because they’re less restrictive, while still being functional and comfy.

Photo Courtesy of LuLu Lemon ($108)
Photo Courtesy of LuLulemon ($108)

Denardo points out a few situations where people should avoid wearing yoga pants.  Firstly, don’t wear them to work; that’s kind of a given.

Also, don’t show your panty line underneath the yoga pants.  I know this can be tough because yoga pants are usually so form-fitting, but try opting for a thong or seamless underwear. Lastly, don’t keep your yoga pants past the time that they’re worn out, balled-up, faded, or ripped.  At this point, it’s time for a new pair!

Yoga pants are so versatile, which is perhaps why they’ve gathered such mass appeal.  If you’re going to wear them on a daily basis, keep your look interesting by varying the pieces you pair with them. Check out the StyleChat app to browse your favorite websites for the perfect pair of yoga pants.

By: Jaclyn Parker

How to Wear Orange in the Most Flattering Way

Some colors go well with pretty much everything, but when it comes to colors like orange, it can be tricky creating an outfit that is super flattering.  It’s a lot easier to overdose on orange than navy, grey, or black!  Justine King, writer for blog OPSH, gives some helpful tips here for how to wear orange well.

Some shades of orange don’t suit certain skin tones and hair colors, but King suggests that everyone can find at least one tone of orange that is flattering.  If your skin has undertones of pink and blue, she suggests opting for shades of orange that are more red or pink.  If your skin has undertones of yellow, you should be able to pull off orange well even in its full bright capacity!  Personally I think that orange can be harsh next to very pale skin, and sometimes if your hair contains tones of red or orange, the orange garment can wash you out completely.

Nicole Kidman wearing orange. Photo courtesy of OPSH.com - click photo to original post.
Nicole Kidman wearing orange. Photo courtesy of OPSH.com – click photo to original post.

Perhaps you are a little hesitant to start wearing orange and you want to slowly introduce it into your wardrobe.  If so, King cleverly suggests wearing orange but keeping it away from your face.  Try a pair of orange shorts or an orange skirt.  My favorite way to add bold or bright colors to a wardrobe is through an accessory like a handbag, a necklace, or a pair of shoes.  Try wearing a neutral-colored outfit and pair it with an orange handbag so that all of the attention is drawn to the pop of color that’s hanging from your shoulders.  The neutral outfit will balance out the boldness of the orange accessory.

Last but not least King advises to never wear black and orange at the same time, and I completely agree!  Unless it’s the night of Halloween, black and orange comes off as more scary than stylish.  It’s fun to wear orange in October in honor of Halloween, but when the orange starts reminding you of pumpkins and the black starts reminding you of scary spiders, I think it’s time to come up with a different color combination that makes the orange you wear look fun and refreshing, not terrifying.

Photo courtesy of OPSH.com - click to original post
Photo courtesy of OPSH.com – click to original post

After you’ve tested out these suggestions, and you discover how to wear orange in a way that is most flattering to your individual look, step it up a notch and try color-blocking with orange and magenta!

If you need help creating the perfect outfit that incorporates orange, try creating some looks with orange on the StyleChat app!  Show us your favorite way to add a splash of orange to your outfit!

By: Jaclyn Parker