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Does a Fitbit Fit into your Sense of Style?

Fitbits have been soaring towards ubiquity one wrist at a time.  Up until now, there’s been one crucial problem: they aren’t the most attractive wearable gadget.  But have no fear because Tory Burch is teaming up with Fitbit to overcome the style issue.

You shouldn’t have to compromise your fashion sense in order to take steps towards being more health conscious.  In today’s technologically advanced society, I can’t help but notice the merging of the functional and the fashionable.

Photo Courtesy of Toryburch.com
Photos from ToryBurch.com

Designer labels, such as Miu Miu and Lanvin, have been focusing on comfort and warmth without sacrificing their fashionable edge.  So why shouldn’t health conscious people be able to do the same?

Perhaps there are some examples of technology and fashion not merging together quite seamlessly, such as in the case of the commonly ridiculed Google Glass.  However, improvements are bound to be made and what was once considered weird or dorky, may soon be called fashionable.

With the help of Tory Burch, Fitbits will hopefully appeal to a broader audience of people, including those who haven’t jumped on the Fitbit bandwagon yet.  However, some people may still be skeptical.  Jon Fingas, from engadget.com states, “…it’s hard to see a truly style-conscious person picking these up in the first place, no matter how nice they look.”

Although I think that some fashionable people may still not want a Fitbit, I do think that it won’t be too hard to make a style-conscious person fall in love with wearing one.  After all, what is so embarrassing about wearing something that helps you track your fitness?

Photo Courtesy of ww.brit.co

We wear watches for both a functional convenience and a fashionable statement, so why can’t Fitbits be designed to be both functional and fashionable as well?

Tory Burch and Fitbit are trying to make the activity tracker more suitable for fancy occasions.  Fingas feels that the $38 printed silicone bracelet designed by Tory Burch, won’t be enough to accomplish this task.  If you’re ready to spend a bit more money, there will also be a brass bracelet option for $195 or a pendant for $175 (shown below).

Despite which option you may favor, Fingas shares his doubts about the level of success of these fancier Fitbits.  What do you think?  Would you sport one of these Fitbit’s designed by Tory Burch, or would you track your activity some other way that doesn’t impinge on your sense of style?

By: Jaclyn Parker

All available styles. Click image to go to Tory Burch’s FitBit page.