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Handbag Trends for Winter 2015

This Winter season the selection of handbags is fresh, fun, and diverse.  Rima Kh, from fashionisers.com lists the top trends in handbags this season.

Rima mentions that although this season we’ve seen more small and medium sized bags, there are still big bags to choose from in certain designer collections like Ralph Lauren or Moschino.  Messenger bags and shoulder bags were a hit on the runways of some of the top designers, including Marc Jacobs, Versace, and Christian Dior.  These bags are great because their super comfortable and it’s so much more convenient to wear a purse over your shoulders.

Photo Courtesy of Fashioniser.com, click through to original post
Photo Courtesy of Fashioniser.com, click through to original post

If you prefer to hold your handbags by hand instead, your in luck because satchels made a statement this season in beautiful prints and fabrics.  Whether you want snakeskin in a bold color, or an intricate printed design, there’s lots to choose from this season in satchels.

If you’re looking for more of a professional bag to suit your professional look, opt for one of the many briefcase bags we’ve seen this season.  You can find these bags from designers like Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Perhaps you want a handbag that is a bit crazier.  Opt for a bag in a neon color.  Like Rima points out, if the sun isn’t shining during the cold, winter days, these bags will give you a little bit of light in your life!  Just be careful matching these bright bags with your outfit.  Try pairing them with a neutral-colored outfit so that your outfit doesn’t become too distracting.


Next on the list for handbag trends this season are bags with a fringe.  If you’re going for that slightly rugged, Western vibe these bags are the perfect fit.

Photo Courtesy of Neiman Marcus
Photo Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Last but not least, handbags with chains are making quite a splash this season.  My personal favorites are designed by Stella McCartney.  With a myriad of styles, colors, and sizes to suit any taste, these handbags are the perfect choice this season.

What’s your favorite handbag style? Share in the comments below.

By: Jaclyn Parker