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The Fashion Mini Bar: Makes Traveling in Style Easier

Do you ever stress about how you’ll keep your style chic when you’re traveling? Any fashionista knows that it can be hard to plan your outfits when you’re going away on a trip. How can you predict what you’ll be in the mood for wearing? What if you forget the perfect sweater to wear over that new dress you just bought? Well, it seems that French designer Pimkie has taken this into consideration and has created a solution: a fashion mini bar in hotel rooms. An article on bustle.com explains how this concept works.

Courtesy of psfk.com
Courtesy of psfk.com, Click to Original Post

A hotel would offer a selection of clothing and accessories in your hotel room. If you’re looking for different styles or other sizes, you can contact the concierge to choose some other options from the menu in your room. You choose which styles you want to borrow and are charged later. So if you suddenly change your mind about wearing any of the clothes that you brought, this fashion mini bar concept would give you a chance to change your look while you’re traveling.

Courtesy of psfk.com
Courtesy of psfk.com, Click to Original Post

Perhaps you could even pack lighter, therefore making it easier for you to travel comfortably. This concept combines shopping and traveling in a new and exciting way that can help keep you stylish while you travel!

Courtesy of Bustle.com
Courtesy of Bustle.com, Click to Original Post

While this idea hasn’t made its way into all the hotels yet, you can find it at Hotel Banks in Antwerp, Belgium, and can expect to see it soon in a variety of hotels throughout Europe, including ones in London and Paris.

What do you think of this concept? Would you take advantage of a fashion mini bar if you had one in your hotel room? Share in the comments below!

By: Jaclyn Parker