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Oscar de la Renta’s Resort 2015 Collection Inspires Elegance and Glamor

Oscar de la Renta’s resort 2015 collection dazzles the runway with a classy elegance that praises the sophisticated, feminine woman.  Emily Holt, describes this collection as clothes that are suitable for “the good life”, in her article on vogue.com

They definitely inspire memories of childhood porcelain doll tea parties and invite the desire to play dress-up.  The collection features garden party cocktail dresses, Sunday brunch suits, and glamorous Cinderella dresses with floral designs and beaded detailing.

Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta
Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

From black and white outfits to ones with an infusion of bright, cheerful colors, Oscar de la Renta’s collection has something for every woman’s taste at any age.  Holt describes this as an “ageless elegance.”

Dresses range from daytime to evening, and finish off with a couple prom-like styles with either a peplum and flared skirt, or a 19th-century-inspired wide-skirt with a busk-like appearance.

Holt states, “If we didn’t have de la Renta to turn to for major evening, we’d be sunk.”  I most definitely agree!  I love being able to count on Oscar de la Renta for the most inspiring evening wear.

Skirt lengths range from just above the knee to either at the knee, just below the knee, or to the floor.  It’s very refreshing to see skirt lengths that aren’t extremely short and impractical.  Many of the dresses feature A-line skirts, which add a sense of playful femininity.

The colors range from black and white, to magenta and aqua, with just an added splash of red and purple.  There is just enough color to inspire feelings of warm weather and summer.

This collection exudes optimism.  It can easily bring memories of special events and summertime vacations back to you by reminding you of what you’d want to wear for that kind of occasion.

Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta
Photo: Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

Holt states that the collection, “…evoke[s] something more akin to finding joy and optimism in the present moment.”  The collection finishes off with just the right amount of dramatic detailing.

One of the floor-length floral gowns features a massive pink bow, which ties in the back and falls to the floor leaving a fairly long train.  It gives the dress the ultimate feminine touch.

This collection leaves you with a feeling of a glamorous reality.  If I had a party on a yacht tomorrow or a tea party in a garden, I know exactly what I’d want to wear.

By: Jaclyn Parker