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Make your Holiday Shopping Easy and Convenient


Online shoppers spoke, we listened. The ultimate one-stop shopping app is finally here – StyleChat.  Download StyleChat from the AppStore at: http://bit.ly/1cepPER

Nobody likes the stress of holiday shopping when you’re busy. We want to give you one more reason not to put down your phone: mobile shopping! In the past few years we’ve seen mobile shopping skyrocket, and it’s still on the incline! Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming if you’ve got the right tools at your hand. StyleChat gives you the ability to browse your favorite stores and shop on your mobile device. Whether you’re buying an outfit to wear to a holiday party or buying a gift for someone, let StyleChat help.  Instead of standing in a store wondering which dress to buy for the party, use the app to send an image to your friends so you can get other opinions before you buy.

Have fun shopping this holiday season. Use StyleChat to make your holiday shopping fun and convenient!

By: Jaclyn Parker

Dress Slits: They’re Getting Higher and Higher

Have you noticed slits getting higher and higher lately? I thought that phase came and left after Angelina Jolie showed some leg in this little number:

Photo Courtesy of Celebuzz
Photo Courtesy of Celebuzz

I guess not. Although I am a fan of these high slits, I’m still a bit unsure about them sometimes. They’re definitely a dramatic, show-stopping factor in a dress or skirt.

I like seeing this look on other people, but I’m not sure I’d wear it myself. Although, I shouldn’t judge it before I actually try it. The dresses or skirts with two slits are super daring, so I think I’d only be comfortable wearing an ensemble with just one high slit.

I’d recommend only wearing high slits for evening wear. It seems way too dramatic for Sunday brunch or a day of running errands. Could you imagine the look on your boss’s face if you showed up at work in a pencil skirt with a super high slit? Yikes! Let’s not imagine it…

How do you feel about high slits?

Here are some of my favorite examples:

Created on the StyleChat app
Created on the StyleChat app

Follow me on StyleChat @sjwong18, when you click on the look from the StyleWall it will direct you to where I found the items.

By: Stephanie Wong