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The Most Daring Looks were the Best at the 2015 Emmys

Some people look forward to award shows for the awards, some on the other hand, look forward to them because of the red carpet fashion! While many stars played their dress choice safe, others took risks with crazy patterns, wild textures, and fun silhouettes. Cosmopolitan.com counts down some of the best and most exciting looks seen at the Emmys this year.

Getty Image, Featured on Cosmopolitan.com

Kerry Washington looked powerful and chic in her silver Marc Jacobs dress. The mix of sheer with sequins gives this dress a playful texture. The low V-neck combined with the accentuated shoulders and hemline added the perfect touch of glam to her look. She didn’t need any other accessory to complete her ensemble; the dress was stunning enough on its own!

Getty Image, Featured on Cosmopolitan.com
Getty Image, Featured on Cosmopolitan.com

Next on our list of best-dressed women at the Emmy’s is Ellie Kemper. Her floor-length gown stood out with a beautiful multi-colored pattern. While not everyone can pull off a busy-patterned dress from head to toe, Ellie showed us that it is possible! The gathering of darker colors at the bottom of the gown made this dress even more intriguing and aesthetically pleasing!

Getty Image, Featured on Cosmopolitan.com
Getty Image, Featured on Cosmopolitan.com

What I love to see most on the red carpet is a dress that breaks the norm! Joanna Newsom pulled this off in a daring and beautiful structured pink strapless gown. The mix of smooth and pleated textures, as well as the fun, feminine design in the front, surely made me stop and stare! She certainly got major points for wearing such an original dress!

Getty Image, Featured on Cosmopolitan.com
Getty Image, Featured on Cosmopolitan.com

Last but not least, Jaimie Alexander looked magnificently futuristic in this multicolored long-sleeve floor-length gown. While the cut and silhouette are very simple, the dress gets its flavor from the repetitive pattern of bold colors from head to toe.

After seeing these red carpet looks, we can guess that sequined textures, bold patterns, and simple silhouettes will be all the rage next season. These wild looks remind us that taking fashion risks can lead to huge success when done right!

What was your favorite dress of the night?

By: Jaclyn Parker

How to Add a Touch of Sportiness to your Style

It’s football season again, which means one thing: it’s time to add a bit of sportiness to your style!  Charles Manning wrote an article for Cosmopolitan magazine detailing ways that women can incorporate sporty elements into their feminine outfits.

First, go for the tops that have a contrast stripe either on the cuff, collar, or hem.  Feel free to wear any kind of top with a stripe; it doesn’t have to be a basic tee or henley.  To keep the stylishness in your look, go for a top that has a draped neck or off-the-shoulder sleeves.  Opting for a crop top with a stripe on the collar or hem will give you that cheerleader look.

“Fashionable sneakers” Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan.com

Manning also suggests wearing a midi body-con dress, which he calls a “sport-con” dress.  Although I would have never thought of wearing a tight-fitting dress to create a sporty outfit, adding some casual accessories, such as sneakers or a varsity jacket, will make this outfit delightfully sporty and fun!

So what kind of sneakers should you wear?  Manning suggests choosing ones with different fabrics and textures.  I’d say add some color into the mix and your sneakers will be the hit of the outfit!

When you’re going to a football game, you may want to bring a sweatshirt if it’s cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your feminine style.  Manning suggests opting for a cropped sweatshirt.  Pairing that with a high-waisted pair of pants or jeans will make the outfit fun and flirty.

"Track pants" Photo courtesy of NastyGal
“Track pants” Courtesy of NastyGal

Perhaps you want something slightly softer or comfier than jeans.  If so, opt for a pair of track pants that feature mesh insets.  Check out Nasty Gal’s black track pants.  They have the perfect amount of mesh to add that sexy twist to a sporty pant.

Show support for your favorite player by wearing a shirt with his number on it.  It doesn’t have to be a sports jersey; it can be a feminine top with florals or even a regular t-shirt.  Pair it with your mesh track pants, a pair of net booties and you’ll be sexy and sporty all at the same time!

"Net booties" Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan.com
“Net booties” Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan.com

Mixing and matching sporty styles with trendy, feminine ones is the perfect way to create a look that satisfies all your fashion desires!  Be sure to check out the StyleChat app to experiment with creating your favorite sporty looks!  Follow these tips and the sports fans won’t be looking at the game, they’ll be looking at you!  Got any more tips for dressing sporty and feminine? Share them in the comments below!

By: Jaclyn Parker