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8 Ways to Make A Wedding More Fun

Weddings are events full of love, happiness, and fun. So what better place to bring loved ones together and have the single ones mingle than at your wedding? Set up some amazing ways to get your guests smiling throughout the ceremony and the reception.

Photo courtesy of delwareweddings.com

1. Who doesn’t love disposable cameras? It’s probably been a while since you’ve used one, but you should bring them back for this special occasion. You can start the photo-snapping fun at the ceremony. Stash a few disposable cameras in each row of seats. You can stick one at each end of the rows, so there’s a camera at the seat closest to the aisle and one at the seat closest to the other end of that row. You can even stick one in the middle of the row so there’s a total of three cameras in each row.

This will ensure that you don’t miss a thing! Your guests can snap photos as soon as they arrive and take their seats while you’re still getting ready to strut your stuff. You can also have disposable cameras as part of the centerpiece at each of the tables during your reception.

You’ll most likely end up with photos of the food, snapshots of your smiling guests, funny moments you missed from your seat, or just fun group shots and selfies.

Photo courtesy of andygaines.com
Photo courtesy of andygaines.com

2. While we’re on the photo note, who can resist a photo booth? There will definitely be a line of people waiting to get photos taken. You can rent a photo booth, or create a DIY one. A DIY photo booth may require a photographer to help. He or she can use a Polaroid camera so guests can see their photos instantly!

A DIY photo booth isn’t too difficult, all you really need is a sheet as a background if there isn’t already a desirable one, and props. You can use props like a top hat, feather boas, 3D movie glasses with the lenses popped out, a mustache on a stick, and the list continues. Use your imagination and have fun with it. You know your guests will enjoy it!

Photo Courtesy of weddingbee.com
Photo Courtesy of weddingbee.com

3. It’s one thing to have hard copies of photos, but it’s another to have digital copies. So how can you ever keep track of your guests’ wedding photos posted online? You know you want to see the photos everyone took. You can create a personalized hashtag for your guests to use when posting to social media sites.

You know half of your relatives will be checking into Facebook, that one guy will be live tweeting from the beginning of the ceremony to the end of the reception, and everyone else will be posting food photos and selfies on Instagram. So why not keep all of these pictures in a virtual album of some sort? Have little signs out prompting your guests to use a particular hashtag. This will allow you and yours to search for the hashtag after the wedding is over and see the wedding through your guests’ eyes.

Your guests can also take advantage of the hashtag by checking out what other guests post. So what kind of hashtag should you create? Make sure it’s something unique so that only photos from the wedding are seen when the hashtag is searched.

For example, if you use “#wedding,” you’ll see SO many photos! It’ll be almost impossible to find ones from your own wedding. Make the hashtag something personal like “SmithWedding2014,” “BradAndJen2014,” “SeanAndKateUnion,” “AnneAndJoeGetMarried,” or “MrAndMrsCoxWedding.” Whatever you choose, make sure you do your research! It’d be a shame if someone else used your hashtag already and it was too late to change it. The hashtag is the perfect way to keep track of all photos, statuses, and tweets about your wedding.

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Created with the StyleChat App

4. Get your guests to be interactive! Serve your drinks on these coasters where guests can put in their two cents. No, not literally. Your guests can give you and yours a bit of advice. Wonder what mom and dad will say! Also, kids say the darnedest things!

5. Under each wedding guest’s plate, insert one of these notes. It’ll give your guests something to do while they wait for the food. Keep a basket at the center of each table where they can leave the notes (and the coasters, too!) before they take off for the night. It’s a personalized way to connect with your guests, even if you didn’t get to say hello to each one of them during the reception.

Photo Courtesy of theknot.com
Photo Courtesy of theknot.com

6. Will there be children at your wedding? Keep them entertained with a small craft table. Kids can color, keep themselves busy with small crafts, and play with toys. We can’t have those little ones be bored, can we?

It’ll also give parents a chance to hit the dance floor while their little ones can color a pretty picture for the newlywed couple. If your wedding is outdoors, you can add bubbles and chalk to the table. Although the addition may attract wedding guests who aren’t children!

7. A lounge area for your reception would be great for guests to take a load off their feet. This works both indoors and outdoors. A small area with comfy chairs and cushions would be perfect.

You can decorate the space with flowers, candles, potpourri, and anything else that’ll create an inviting atmosphere. It’ll give your guests a chance to take a seat away from the dinner table and have a conversation with someone new.

Photo Courtesy of theknot.com
Photo Courtesy of theknot.com

8. You can have a piñata at your wedding! No, not one you break open. This piñata is for the bride and the groom. The guests can fill it up with loving notes!

You can share a memory, wish them well, or anything else! Fill up the piñata with loving words that will make the couple smile and laugh. They won’t break it open until their first wedding anniversary.

With so many great features to incorporate into your wedding, your guests will surely have a blast! Have another tip? Share with us in the comments.

By: Stephanie Wong

To Veil or Unveil?

Do you plan on wearing a veil on your wedding day? I’ve spoken to many brides-to-be who have told me different things when it comes to a wearing veil with their wedding dress. Some say it’s a tradition in their family. Others say they don’t see a point in wearing one, or they wouldn’t want to because it would cover an intricate design on the back of their dress. So what’s the point of a veil anyway? And is there really a tradition of wearing one?

blusher veils
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There are many traditions of wearing a veil.  Research shows a veil means something different based on cultures and beliefs. According to howstuffworks.com, a bride wears a veil to be hidden from evil spirits because she’s vulnerable. Maybe it’s called a veil because it conceals a face. Roman brides wore flame-colored veils to scare off spirits. A veil can also symbolize “humility and respect before God during a religious ceremony.” The Victorians saw the veil as a status symbol, where the weight, length, and quality of the veil truly mattered.

According to veilubridal.com, some say the origin of the veil comes from arranged marriages.  To keep the groom from backing out of the agreement, the veil would be lifted after the ceremony. Some say the veil was worn to symbolize a bride’s submission. In medieval times, a veil would be used to protect the bride from “the evil eye,” and it symbolized “purity, chastity, and modesty.”

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In movies, we see brides and grooms say goodbye before their bachelor and bachelorette parties, because they normally wouldn’t see each other until the wedding day. I can picture a scene in a movie where a groom tries to see his bride in her dressing room only hours before the wedding starts, but her bridesmaids are all shooing him out because “it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding ceremony.” Sound vaguely familiar? Well, that tradition could also be another reason to wear a veil, according to timesdispatch.com.

Enough about the history. You know how a veil works, right? According to The Knot, it’s traditional to wear a blusher-style veil when you walk down the aisle. What’s that? It’s one of those short veils that covers your face. It can be lifted by your father (or whoever walks you down the aisle) before they leave your side, or either your maid of honor before the final vows or your groom after the final vows. If you don’t want to wear a veil over your face, you can always wear it away from your face.

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So what kinds of veils are there? According to timesdispatch.com, like the blusher, a flyaway is another short veil which falls at the shoulders. A sweep veil, in contrast, falls to the floor. Chapel veils and cathedral veils trail behind the bride about 9-12 feet. A fingertip veil hits the bride’s waist. Now, with all that in mind, “many wedding attire consultants suggest choosing the gown prior to the headpiece and veil.” It may be easier to find a veil to go with your dress rather than the other way around.

Still not sure whether or not you should go with a veil on your wedding day? If it doesn’t mean something symbolic to you, consider other reasons to wear one. Does it frame your face well? Is it a great final touch to your wedding dress? Will it work with an outdoor wedding if it’s windy? Will it ruin your hairstyle? Is it detachable for easy access if you want to hit the dance floor right away? Will you have one that’s a good length so you won’t trip on it? Do you feel comfortable in it? At the end of the day, it’s YOUR wedding, so you should do what YOU want! Here are a few examples of different veils.  Don’t forget to do your veil research!

By Stephanie Wong

You Might Hear a Song From “Frozen” at a Wedding

Disney’s “Frozen” seems to be one of those movies that follows me everywhere I go.  Kids sang songs from the movie as I walked down grocery store aisles, and Vine and YouTube videos of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” parodies and covers filled my newsfeeds. However, I didn’t expect to hear a song from the movie at a wedding.

Tess Koman’s Cosmopolitan.com article,“Now People are Singing ‘Frozen’ at Their Weddings; When Will it All End?” explains it all.  I’ve always dreamed of hearing my favorite songs playing at my wedding. Which ones would I choose? Would my husband-to-be like them? What kind of band should I hire? Should I let people do karaoke? I thought about everything except dancing and lip-synching along to a song during my first dance with the groom.

No, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating your favorite movie tunes into your wedding. (Let’s be real, I’d love to have music from “Pride and Prejudice,” “Brideshead Revisited,” or “The Holiday” playing at my wedding.) But, “Frozen?” I’m a little confused.  No, the brides and grooms in the videos Koman shares weren’t asking each other to build a snowman.  Instead, they were dancing and lip-synching to “Love is an Open Door,” which made a little more sense.

Photo credit: Mark Romine Photography  Romineweddings.com/
Photo credit: Mark Romine Photography Romineweddings.com/

I guess this is just another modern love song. Call me a little old-school, but when I think of first-dance songs at weddings I think of classics such as Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be,” Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me,” or Harry Connick Jr.’s “It Had to be You.” Even when I consider modern songs for weddings, ones from “Frozen” don’t pop up into my head. I think of ones such as Sara Bareilles’ “I Choose You,” Ron Pope’s “A Drop in the Ocean,” or Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.”

The videos of these newlyweds singing and dancing weren’t impressive to me, although that most likely wasn’t the goal.  In the case of a wedding, it isn’t about impressing a guest, it’s about making the bride and groom happy. If lip-synching “Love is an Open Door” makes them happy, then so be it. Who knows, maybe they’re just huge “Frozen” fans? I definitely know a few of those.

“Frozen” was a cute movie, but I’m not a die-hard fan. If it was my wedding, I’d do it differently. I’d pop in an instrumental track of “Love is an Open Door” (or perhaps a song I like more) and actually sing.

This may be an issue if my hubby doesn’t like to sing, but I think it would be a little more interesting to say the least. Or maybe I’d re-think this song for a first-dance and use it for something else instead.

How amazing would it be if the whole wedding party performed to this song? The bride and groom could be singing (or lip-synching) while the bridesmaids and groomsmen are the back-up singers and dancers. If you’re going to have a fun song at your wedding, why not make it a great memory to capture on video?

In the end, I think it’s important to choose a first-dance song that means something to the newlywed couple, and if a song from “Frozen” is special, then maybe that’ll do it.

By Stephanie Wong