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Who What Wear brought every fashionista the greatest joy when they announced their standing capsule collection with Target. It’s been a few months since the first release and they have yet to disappointed. Looks can be created for the classic and polished power woman all the way to the funky and trendy creative queen. Their latest release screams spring with all the necessities: florals, boyfriend jeans, and a very special periwinkle trench coat (act now, they’re going fast!) Check out their new releases below, along with  some of our favorites! Target is on our app’s homepage- it’s so easy to create and buy your favorite Who What Wear looks today!


Women’s V-Neck Tunic, $24.99; Fluted Midi Skirt, $29.99; Lightweight Trench, $49.99; Boyfriend Jeans, $34.99


-Ashley Cooke, Social Media Intern


Rock your Denim like a Star this Fall

Some days we can spend an hour in our closets figuring out what to wear, which denim color, which top, which pair of shoes, which pair of earrings, the list goes on and on. Some days however, we want our trusted jeans to come to our rescue; we want to be able to slide on our favorite pair in two seconds and look incredible. So which jeans should we choose?

An article featured on WhoWhatWear consults some of the best fashion experts to get their take on their most reliable pairs of jeans, and trust me you’re going to love the results!

First off, we have light-wash skinny jeans with rips on the knees. The light blue wash with the rips will give you a casual look that you’ll love! Pair them with your favorite t-shirt or a button-down shirt, and you’ll have an outfit that will keep you cute and comfortable whether you’re sitting in class or running to the grocery store! Not sure where to find a stylish pair of jeans like this? Check out Nordstrom’s Joe’s jeans featured below! They even give you a slight bit of fading to make you look très chic!

Joe’s at Nordstrom ($179.00)
Joe’s at Nordstrom ($179.00)

Next denim obsession on the list is a pair of high-waisted black jeans designed by AG. These fitted cotton jeans will give you that perfect fall look. It’s time to transition from your summer white jeans into a pair of bold black jeans! The high waist will keep you comfortable so that you’re not constantly pulling up your jeans every time you sit! Pair these jeans with a sweater for a comfy night in, or with a dressy top and chunky jewelry for a night out with friends!

AG Jeans ($225.00)
AG Jeans ($225.00)

Last but not least, we have a style of denim jeans that are one of my personal favorites: boyfriend jeans. Some people may associate boyfriend jeans with really baggy jeans, but that doesn’t have to be the case! The best boyfriend jeans are the ones that are relaxed, skinny jeans, meaning they follow the curves of your body without conforming too tightly to your leg. The relaxed fit gives you the perfect relaxed look for you to enjoy! It’s time to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Photo Courtesy of WhoWhatWear
Photo Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

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By: Jaclyn Parker