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Ride on the Wild Side with the Trendiest Sunglasses this Season

We all search for that perfect pair of sunglasses that will suit our face shape, give us star quality, and keep our eyes protected. This season’s trendiest sunglasses beg us to take a ride on the wild side while we experiment with bold colors and bold shapes. Inspired by the mod ‘60s, we’re seeing an outpour of sunglasses that have taken the cat-eye shape to the next level!

These bold navy sunglasses from Le Spec, will give you an old school intensity that will have everyone turning their heads to look at you!

Le Specs ($119.00), Featured on The Zoe Report
Le Specs ($119.00), Featured on The Zoe Report

Step into the limelight with these hot red Kate Spade sunglasses. The color’s bold, but the shape is less severe or dramatic.

Kate Spade New York at Neiman Marcus ($170.00)
Kate Spade New York at Neiman Marcus ($170.00)

Ready to experiment with a bright lens color? These sunglasses with a white frame and a fiery yellow lens will have people staring from miles away!

Anna-Karin Karlsson at Neiman Marcus ($690.00)
Anna-Karin Karlsson at Neiman Marcus ($690.00)

Are these bold styles just a little too over the top for you? Have no fear because there are subtle cat-eye sunglasses that will give you just the right amount of style and comfort without taking you too far out of your comfort zone.

These black sunglasses have a subtle cat-eye shape, a simple light-colored lens, and a delicate thin frame.

MARC by Marc Jacobs at Neiman Marcus ($120.00)
MARC by Marc Jacobs at Neiman Marcus ($120.00)

No matter which style you choose, rock it with confidence! Pair your favorite bold sunglasses with your hottest skinny jeans and a t-shirt, and you’ll steal the spotlight wherever you go!

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By: Jaclyn Parker

Bold Frenzy

This spring and summer is all about being BOLD, STANDING OUT, BOLD COLORS, BOLD PRINTS, and most importantly BOLD PIECES to spice up your wardrobe.

From adding vibrant colors that turn heads to vicious patterns and prints that break necks. I’ll have you know that Topshop is my best-friend this season! Not only will you find pieces that complement your personal style but also pieces that are timeless and chic.

photo 1


This electric blue leather skirt and cherry red top from Topshop not only make a bold statement, but can also be major pieces of your wardrobe. Pair the top with skinny jeans and the skirt with a solid, white top for a more subtle and tamed look.



photo 2


Floral is also a must have this season! This Topshop floral dress has all the potential to be a show stopper. Paired with these gorgeous #Stevemadden pumps for an uptown look or with flats for a subtle more relaxed look.

Now shop away!