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What to Buy your Stylish Friends this Holiday Season

December is the time we normally all start stressing about buying the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones. Sometimes it’s easy to know exactly what they want, and other times, it can be more of a guessing game. If you have a stylish female friend in your life, here are five original gift ideas that could be perfect for her.

For your friend who decorates her house or apartment with pieces that are anything but ordinary, try giving her a delectably odd geometric lamp that will add flair to her already uniquely decorated apartment.

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters
Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

For your girlie tea-loving friend who has tried to explain to you numerous times the difference between a sencha and a houjicha green tea, get her a David’s Tea teacup. You don’t have to be a tea connoisseur to know that she’ll love this girlie, holiday-inspired teacup.

Photo Courtesy of David's Tea
Photo Courtesy of David’s Tea

For your friend who’s a burgeoning Instagramer or an aspiring beauty blogger, you can’t go wrong with getting her a how-to hair book. Help her overcome her past failed hairstyle attempts with this hairstyle guide from Urban Outfitters.

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters
Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

For your friend who’s always hosting a party or classy dinner get-together, she can never have too many stylish coasters. These rustic, pink cracked-glass coasters will not only help her protect her tabletops during the many parties that she hosts, but will also let her do it in style!

Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie
Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

Finally, for your fashionable friend who can’t help herself at the jewelry counter, give her something that will help her organize the many pieces of jewelry that she owns. This upside-down umbrella ring dish will make all of her hand bling easily accessible and it’ll look adorable sitting on her vanity dresser.

Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie
Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

When you’re shopping for all of these lavish gifts that your friends will love, use the StyleChat app to help you shop. Download it for free and make your shopping easier on yourself this holiday season!

By: Jaclyn Parker


Get your Fashion Inspiration from the Street

Harper’s Bazaar counts down for us, some of the hottest spring street styles. The runways and magazines are great places to turn for fashion inspiration, but sometimes the best inspiration comes from taking a closer look at what people are wearing on the street.  We all see how our favorite items look on hangers in the store, but it’s truly inspirational when you get to see them paired with other hot items by people on the street.

The first street-trend in the Harper’s Bazaar article I’d like to focus on has already exploded in the market with colorful designs and cool platforms. I predict the sport sneakers trend is here to stay for a while with fresh and even-cooler styles.

I believe sporty-sneakers are in for a long rotation because, who doesn’t love a trend that is stylish, comfortable, and practical all at the same time?!  Best of all, you can dress them up or dress them down depending on what you wear with them.  Want to wear a skirt? No problem! Your funky sneakers will make your look chic and stylish, just like in the picture featured below.

Photo Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar. Credit Diego Zuko. Click through to original source.
Photo Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar. Credit Diego Zuko. Click through to original source.

The next thing we’ve learned from the street is, overalls are awesome! Light blue denim, dark blue denim, leather; they can all be used to make a stylish pair of overalls.  Whether you like the typical overall pants or overalls as a dress, this trend is not only hot and heavy on the streets, it’s also filling up the racks in all our favorite stores.  If you like this trend, check out these slightly distressed overalls from Zara.

Photo Courtesy of Zara ($79.90) Click through to original post.
Photo Courtesy of Zara ($79.90) Click through to original post.

Another trend on the street is the shirt-dress. The button down shirt dress is so versatile because you can wear it on it’s own, wear it with tights, put a cute belt around it to dress it up, or throw a sweater over top for extra warmth.

Style.com features some of the hottest shirt-dress ensembles, like the one in the featured image. Throw on some high heels and a hobo bag with your white shirt-dress and everyone will turn heads as you’re crossing the street.

Photo Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar, Credit Diego Zuko. Click through to original post.
Photo Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar, Credit Diego Zuko. Click through to original post.

So the next time you’re rummaging through a fashion magazine or surfing the Internet for the hottest trends, head to the city and walk outside. Some of the hottest trends are filling up our streets.

Check out the StyleChat app to shop through your favorite stores to find a stylish pair of new sneakers, a pair of overalls, a shirt-dress, or any other item you love!

By: Jaclyn Parker

From Bustle to Hustle

Between running to the supermarket and figuring out what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner, Anthropolgie’s blog, A Blog, gives some helpful hints for deciding on the perfect look. This week’s post titled, “From Holiday Hustle to Bustle,” features outfits that are chic, yet effortless, and are sure to spell flirty and fun.

Photo credit the Anthro Blog. Click to see the original post


Looking to spice up your holiday wardrobe? A fun top with velour pants will do the trick. Add statement accessories or chunky heels to take your outfit from day to night. If velour pants aren’t your style, try a low drop waist dress with your favorite high heels adding just the right amount of flare.

Created in the StyleChat App


Whichever outfit you decide on for Thanksgiving or this holiday season, don’t stress. The holidays are a time to celebrate, so celebrate with style!

By: Kiana Kuns


I’m big lover of vintage clothing. I even own a few great pieces,but unfortunately they aren’t practical and let’s face it; there is a fine line between wearing vintage and vintage wearing you. Clothing from a different era, if you’re not careful, can come off looking like a costume. Unless you’re going to a theme party,that’s not a good thing.

Now I seek out vintage inspired clothing—classic looks modernized—and I’m happy to report amazing styles are easy to find! Thanks to celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and TV shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, designers are putting out retro looks that don’t appear out of place in today’s world.

Online shops such as ModCloth, Unique-Vintage, andStopStaringClothing, make it easy to replicate looks fromdecades past; while mainstream stores like Anthropologie, Forever 21, Zara, H&M, J. Crew, and many more, have sprinkled vintage inspired touches throughout their lines.

Using StyleChatMobile I created two looks.

Leigh's posts #1Leigh's Post #1 pic

I love Mad Men (returning April 13th!) and adore Joan’s(Christina Hendricks) style. She always looks very sexy while remaining classy and professional; not an easy feat. To recreate this look I’ve selected a simple blue dress from ModCloth. While the dress is certainly curve-hugging, it falls a little below the knee, making it a piece you can either top with a cardigan and wear to the office, or add a hot pair of pumps and va-va-voom! For accessories I’ve selected a long tassel necklace and pearl earrings from Anthropologie, and a cocktail ring from Unique-Vintage.

The second look is more quirky, but still has a classic, modsilhouette. The bright yellow heels and tiger necklace make this simple frock (ModCloth) pop with fun. The purse (Zara) takes on the vibe of whatever outfit it’s carried with.

Though the two looks I created are 1960s inspired, lots of cute designs are coming out that borrow everything from the drop-waists of the 1920s to the bold neon of the 1980s. What looks of the past do you want in your future?