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Comfortably Ugly. The New High-Heeled Fashion

Christian Louboutin once said, “High heels are pleasure with pain,” and I am sure many women would agree with him, yet they are still willing to withstand the ache if it means looking fabulous. I know I would!

Today, the 4-6 inch heels are no stranger to modern women, but it doesn’t stop there. From wedges to flats to tennies to sandals, women have a wide variety of shoe options.  Unlike excessive shopping, no one can blame you for needing those perfect heels that scream, “I am a strong business women!” while still rocking a fresh pair of tennies the next day to run some errands. For whatever occasion, you can find the perfect shoe to pair with any outfit.

In Jennifer Weiner’s In Her Shoes, the character Rose Feller says, “When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good, food just makes me fatter. Shoes always fit.” Now who can argue with that logic?

Just like the way fashion trends constantly change, shoe styles seem to be doing the same. Carolyne Zinko, in her SFGate article, introduces the “flatform shoe.” Shoe companies who specialize in comfort, such as Birkenstock, Teva, and Mephisto have designed these shoes to be “ungainly, clunky, and downright ugly,” says Zinko.  They were not meant to be associated with the idea of “sexy.”

Photo Credit: Catwalking, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Catwalking, Getty Images

Today fashion is gearing towards comfortable clothing, meaning a more loose and casual attire. In order to keep up with this downplayed clothing style, high-end fashion houses took the idea of the clunky shoe and dressed it up with patterns, metallics, and other dressy materials to produce a new high-fashion shoe.

Zinko talks about the wavering opinions on the new style, saying that some stylists are quick to say it’s a fashion don’t, while others think it is a great new idea that will satisfy the tastes of this generation’s consumers.

While I wouldn’t mind having a high-fashion sandal in my closet, I don’t think I will be open to wearing that Dior high-heeled sports pump any time soon.

The option of having a pain-free shoe that is easy to put on and take off, sounds like a great idea that will most definitely target a more laid-back consumer. However, it is questionable how many women will be willing to say no to those stilettos. Would you?

By Marissa Mariscal

The Top Trends Coming off the Fall 2014 Runways

The Fall 2014 runway shows left us with a myriad of trends to embrace, some of which are better than others.  Gucci takes us back a step to the swinging sixties with feminine colors, short dresses, and shiny leather.  Dana Kruspe, writer for, highlights the fact that the sixties made some noise in Milan.  She states, “There’s no chance of ignoring it now,” and it’s very clear that she’s right.  This trend has already trickled down into stores.  Forever 21 features several high-neck swing dresses in bold colors, but nothing compares to Gucci’s ability to represent the sixties with a slightly off-kilter color scheme that channels femininity more than the color scheme of the sixties.

Photo Courtesy of Marcus Tondo/ From
Photo Courtesy of Marcus Tondo/

The next trend should definitely be a crowd pleaser.  The runway shows emphasized coziness. Yes, finally!  Clothes can be fashionable, comfortable, and wearable all at the same time.  “Designers seem to be catching onto comfortable dressing more than ever,” states Kruspe.

No need to resort to your sweatshirts when you want comfort because everyday sweaters and dresses are becoming more and more relaxed.  For instance, the blanket coat dazzled on runways from Roberto Cavalli to DKNY.  What could possibly be better than feeling like you’re wrapped up in a blanket as you’re barring the cold weather?  Knit layers also surfaced on the runways, providing a look of effortless comfort without any obtrusive bulkiness.

I am a little bit skeptical of this next trend, and I’m hoping it doesn’t see the light of day in stores.  Velvet.  Yes, velvet was used for ankle-skimming dresses on the Fall 2014 runways.  Frankly, it gives me too many flashbacks to the velvet sweatshirts and sweatpants that I had as a kid.  I’d say skip the velvet and move onto a fabric that isn’t so dramatic.

The choker necklace is making its way back onto the scene, referencing goth, grunge, and minimalism.  For me, chokers have always seemed like a trend that adolescents go through, but I find it hard to imagine them on an adult.  To turn up the heat even more, designers featured a generous amount of red on the runway.

Some outfits were red from head to toe.  “Red looks managed to overtake blue in New York…and it’s no surprise that London, Milan and Paris were also caught red-handed,” says Kruspe.  Although red seems to be a popular color this year, it’s definitely one that I stay away from because I find it sometimes overbearing and unattractive with certain hair colors, including my own brownish-red locks.  But if it looks good on you, I’d say give it a go!  It’s definitely a hot trend this year.

Photo Courtesy of Yannis Vlamos/ From
Photo Courtesy of Yannis Vlamos/

On a softer note, pastel colors were surprisingly popular for Fall fashion week.  According to Kruspe the increasing amount of pastel colors shown on the Fall runway could be a result of “an increasing focus on seasonless dressing…”  I think it’s quite a breath of fresh air to see outfits that are less influenced by the season.

Although it’s good to live by some rules, fashion should be more about breaking them.  After all, creativity stems from thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries. Get ready to diversify your wardrobe this Fall.  Try something new and make these trends coming off the runway uniquely you.

By Jaclyn Parker

Headbands Are Turning Heads

From the runways of Valentino to the Coachella Valley Music Festival, and adorning the hottest soccer players at the World Cup, headbands are THE accessory. While walking through the streets of Paris last year, I couldn’t help but notice all of the young women wearing their hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun, looking effortless with a headband for decoration.  The hair clip or the scrunchie is definitely not a “de riguer” hair accessory like the headband.

Headbands are photographed in most fashion articles and blogs, and found in all stores from the lower-end chains to the high end luxury stores. The versatility of headbands is endless. Headbands ranging from elastic colored bands to jeweled or studded leather wraps are perfect for any occasion. It’s the must-have accessory for this season and beyond.

Created with StyleChat
Created with StyleChat

How about rocking the red carpet like academy award winner Lupita Nyong did with her 18k gold headband designed by Fred Leighton.  It generated its own Twitter account @luptiasheadband. Think you can’t look chic while breaking a sweat at the gym? Think again. Sport headbands are making headway among the popular workout brands such as, Nike, Lululemon, and Fabletics. In NY Mag’s article, “20 Hot Soccer Guys with Long Hair,” all of the men are wearing headbands.

Simple yet sophisticated headbands can take any outfit from bland to edgy with just a swoop push back of the hair. Try the latest boho chic look with a simple crown of flowers or paisley print. Before you walk out the door, add a headband. It will not only enhance your outfit, it will make you turn heads.
By: Kiana Kuns

Here Comes the Sun

One thing about spring that I absolutely adore are the colors! Pieces like this vibrant sun yellow A-line dress and mixing trends are a huge part of the season. You can give a twist to a sweet classic dress by adding something simple like this vintage leather jacket from Versace. Not only does it give of that cool rocker chic look but can also make a statement. Another trend I love is boots with a  dress; for example, simple boho boots for a relaxed yet edgy look.

So here I have styled this bright dress with a leather jacket and brown suede boots; it’s a spring classic that anyone can appreciate!



Happy styling


The Bralette

Coming out to California for college taught me one thing about fashion: it changes with geography. I find that to be one of the most fascinating aspects of fashion! Compared to Arizona’s laid-back sundresses and cutoffs, California is so much more edgy and put together.  Sophisticated looks were emerging, and I saw things I had never even thought to be worn together. Class had transformed from a place where grungy sweatpants were acceptable, to a place where you could show off your cutest new blouse and boots. I couldn’t believe the change of pace in fashion, but I quickly grew to love the rush of finding the perfect outfit. I was seeing girls in booties and vests, things I had never really seen in action before!

One vital piece of clothing I had never truly witnessed before coming to the best coast was the bralette, and since my discovery I haven’t been able to shake my addiction of the necessary piece of lacey perfection. In California, girls rock this simple accessory in almost any way that they can. The versatility of this piece is one of the best parts of it and girls can be seen wearing it underneath a frumpy sweatshirt or a sheer and stylish shirt. Girls even love to wear them without a shirt, similar to how the ever controversial Miley Cyrus is rocking this must have item:



No matter what the circumstance, a bralette can be used to add sophistication and complexity to any outfit. It is a necessity in every girl’s wardrobe. I don’t think there is a single girl out there who doesn’t own a version of a bralette and I personally can’t believe I have lasted this long in my life without one.


Gloom to Bloom

With Winter Gloom behind us and Spring blooms ahead, bright colors and patterns are a major must for every outfit. Orange has been significantly trendingthis season, especially at New York Fashion Week; models were seen wearing neon orange lipstick on major runways. Another style trend that has been gracing the streets is logo tees and slogan apparel; apparel with bold statements is risky yet chic, and is sure to turn a few heads along the way.

bold 1


Flower Power

I am absolutely loving florals for this Spring and upcoming Summer season. Florals are the easiest way to give your look some color and fun, while also staying trendy. Famous model Alessandra Ambrosio was seen wearing this floral romper by Ella Moss, paired with a pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses and simple thong sandals. Her look is simple but so chic and vivid.


I created a look inspired by Alessandra’s romper: a floral romper by NastyGal, simple chestnut gladiator sandals by Stuart Weitzman, a blush colored Paraty bag by Chloe, and some gold cat-eye sunglasses by Christian Dior.


While this look includes mostly soft and neutral colors, it is still an eye-catcher and perfect for a sunny day!