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The Best Versatile Shoes: Wedding Season and Beyond

It’s that time of year again when the wedding invitations start coming in and you’re left wondering what you’re going to wear.

Well have no fear because we’ve got your shoes covered.  Refinery 29 gives us a list of shoes that won’t be just one hit wonders.  You can buy them to wear to your weddings without worrying that you’re splurging on something that you’ll only wear once.

Slide into some mule shoes like the ones featured below and you’ll not only feel comfortable and secure enough to dance the night away, but you’ll also be able to wear them during the day with your casual outfits.

These Nasty Gal mules let you show off your pretty toenail polish while adding a splash of pastel color to your look and making it feel super summer inspired!

Nasty Gal ($98.00), Image Courtesy of Refinery 29. Click to original article
Nasty Gal ($98.00), Image Courtesy of Refinery 29. Click to original article

The next one I like from the Refinery 29 list is a pair of Tory Burch sandals as seen below. These safari-styled chunky sandals will add life to any dress you wear to the wedding, while being perfectly stylish for your casual summer vacation ensembles.  Most importantly, the chunky heel and thick foot strap will give you the comfort and security you need to dance the night away in these uniquely geometric sandals.

Tory Burch at Neiman Marcus ($395.00), Image Courtesy of Refinery 29. Click through to original post.
Tory Burch at Neiman Marcus ($395.00), Image Courtesy of Refinery 29. Click through to original post.

Now it’s time to lace up your shoes and get ready to party in the camel-colored leather sandals.  These shoes will give your look a sense of casual and practical comfort while still adding some intrigue to your look.  The double-layered sole will help your feet go all night on the dance floor. ($199.99), Photo Courtesy of Refinery 29. Click through to original post ($199.99), Photo Courtesy of Refinery 29. Click through to original post

I did a little browsing of my own to find a pair of sandals that are feminine, fun, casual, and won’t break your budget.  The pink sandals from Aldo featured below will look stunning paired with a pastel summery dress or any neutral-colored cocktail dress.  These simple and subtle shoes will add a much-needed splash of feminine color to any outfit.  Whether you’re wearing a dress, a skirt, or a pair of jeans, these sandals will add a lovely touch.

Aldo ($80.00) Found on, click through to original source.
Aldo ($80.00) Found on, click through to original source.

Four, three, two, one, it’s time to get shopping for shoes! Use this guide to help you find a pair that won’t disappoint!  Check out the StyleChat app for all your browsing and shopping needs.

By: Jaclyn Parker

Sporty and Chic Makes a Splash at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 in Miami

As we head further into September, it’s time to enjoy these last few weeks of relaxing at the beach or sitting by the pool.  Hopefully, your bathing suits have gotten plenty of use this summer.  With the dwindling summer sun in mind, let’s take a look at what swimsuit styles we have to look forward to for next summer.

If you’re an athlete, you’re in luck, because sporty swimwear was the major trend at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week in Miami.  Suzette Laboy, from the Associated Press, highlights the sporty styles ruling the runways.

Between rash guards, zipper-brief bottoms, high top waists, and racing caps, the swimwear collections combine sporty with chic to create looks that are not only cute and colorful, but also practical for comfortable movement.

Mara Hoffman Fashion Show Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Mara Hoffman Fashion Show
Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Although Laboy focuses on the sporty element in the swimwear, I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming colors that made a splash in many of the collections shown at this year’s Fashion Week.  At the Mara Hoffman fashion show, color was incorporated into the swimsuits in a jungle and tribal theme.

Personally, I think patterned bathing suits with tons of different colors aren’t super flattering on everyone, but they do add a festive and cheerful element to the mix of bathing suits.  Taller women are usually better at making a detailed and colorful print look sexy and flattering.

My favorite element in these collections are the zippers.  There’s something sexy and playful about a bathing suit with a visible zipper.  It’s sleek, unique and sporty.  Check out the black zipper on the neckline of Suboo’s floral print one-piece swimsuit.  Would you wear a bathing suit like that or is simple more your style?

We Are Handsome fashion show Source: Getty
We Are Handsome fashion show
Source: Getty

Perhaps you are more of a bikini person.  The We Are Handsome collection showcased a printed bikini, which also featured a zipper. However, this time the zipper was placed vertical in the middle of the bust.  The model wearing this bikini sported headphones and a big smile as she walked the runway in style.  When I saw her, all I wanted to do was lay out by the pool, listen to music, sip a cold drink, and read a fashion magazine (or design style boards on StyleChat!)

Laboy begins her description of Suboo’s swimwear collection with “from gym to beach” and she couldn’t be more right.  The zippers, rash guards, and high-waist bottoms in this collection make the swimwear look inspired from gym clothes, but ready for the beach.

So whether or not you bought a new bathing suit this summer, there’s plenty of great designs lined up for next season.  I’m ready to ditch my plain striped-bikinis next summer and invest in a bikini that’s sporty and fun.  Which swimwear features excite you the most?  The sporty swimsuits or the bold tribal colors?

By: Jaclyn Parker

Pastels and Lace

I was inspired by this awesome look from Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. The soft periwinkle color and lace design was a nice break from the constant shorts and crop tops, a classic for the summer heat, that I have seen almost everywhere this summer.

I picked out a couple of my own pieces to put a chic twist on her periwinkle look. The lighter colors and soft patterns expel a mature attitude while still keeping you cool. I hope Blair would approve. What about you, do you like it?

By Marissa Mariscal

Look created through StyleChat
Created with StyleChat





Shoes: Asos



Top 10 Summer Favorites

Here are a few pieces I think are perfect for summer. I am completely in love with this collection of matte lip colors from Revlon and I think a light yellow nail polish provides a subtle yet beautiful pop of color to any outfit.

I have always been fond of simple clothing, pieces with clean and precise silhouettes, but this swimsuit is an exciting way to play with patterns and colors that you might not have considered before.

As a general piece of summer advice, explore.

Explore clothing options that you have never worn before, such as matching shorts and tops, give color blocking a break. But don’t stop there, go out and find a place you have never been before. Summer is the perfect time to create the best of memories especially with those you love.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone ❤

-Marissa Mariscal








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