What Your Favorite SATC Character Says About You

Are you truly a woman if you haven’t seen and obsessed over every episode of Sex And The City at least once?

I would argue, no. The timeless show of love, lust, sarcasm, and fashion has created a phenomena that will forever live on.

Whether you are a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda–believe it or not–says a great deal about who you are as a person. Never thought about it that way? Let me get ‘cha thinkin’.

A Carrie kind of gal?

photo courtesy of Google
photo courtesy of Google

So you have a large taste for expense and low taste for practicality. You have a knack for making situations difficult for yourself, you cannot cook worth a damn, and you live for Fashion week. You’re a high fashion gal, you aim for quality and if it ain’t high end, you ain’t buyin’.

More of a Samantha?

photo courtesy of Google
photo courtesy of Google

Luxury is your middle name. You have no limits when it comes to your personal style, and you do not care what anyone thinks about you.  You’re the kind of gal to wear a sun dress on a grey day, and you wear it so well. You tend to lean towards the more trendy pieces, but you are always first to buy.

So You’re a Charlotte

photo courtesy of Google
photo courtesy of Google

Class is always your number one priority. You would never be caught dead in anything even close to scandalous, it just isn’t you. When it comes to brands, you elevate towards the utmost simple and chic. If Charlotte was a real person, she would totally shop at Zara.

Miranda Girl

photo courtesy of Google
photo courtesy of Google

Comfort is your biggest concern in any outfit. If it is fussy, too sparkly, too tight, or too much effort, you won’t be seen in it. You’re also very type A, so practicality is your best friend. Price is always a consideration; however, it isn’t an end-all-be-all factor in your shopping decisions.

By Leah Heyman

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