Making Waves During Paris Fashion Week SS ’17

Paris Fashion Week: the most hectic, inspiring, eventful period on every fashion elitist’s calendar. This is not to say that I am a fashion elitist (sigh) though, I do have the pleasure of observing from a far–across the world, far–and gawking in silent jealousy.

Not only is #pfw a chance for top designers to grab the attention of fashion folk everywhere, but it is also a time to make a statement. People across the world are watching as these collections are displayed, and trust me, people are taking note. There are always a select few who understand this notion, and take full advantage of the peak in onlookers. Below I’ve included two of the most interesting statements made on the runway this week.

  1. Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma
    Photo courtesy of
    Photo courtesy of

    Rihanna certainly did not disappoint with her gorgeous debut of silk fans and light florals. A wonderful medley of a collection intermixed with delicate edginess–Fenty x Puma SS ’17 is different in that it encapsulates both looks in a marvelously discrete way.

2. Dior

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Nobody can stop talking about the Dio(r)evolution that was observed on the runway this past week. In bold letters, the phrase “We should all be feminists” stood out beautifully among a stage of black, white, and tulle. During a time when the push for gender equality is bigger than ever, this statement was amazing and is sure to cause a ripple effect in the fashion world.


By Leah Heyman

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