Holiday: Celebrate?

So it’s a holiday weekend. How are you choosing to spend it? We all know what a holiday implies, we all understand that we can take that extra day to do whatever it is that we please, we aaaalllll know the classic jingle by Madonna (although most of us would rather deny that we know every word). The real question is, what sounds better: cozying up to your favorite Netflix series or socializing with the neighbors at their Labor Day BBQ bash?

In 2016, I would guess that a majority of those reading this today would opt for the cozier (lazier) option. I’m with you all! Although the thought of throwing on a great outfit and fraternizing with Mr. and Mrs. Smith across the street does sound lovely, the idea of staying in pajamas and vegging out sounds oh so magical. Call me lazy, antisocial– what have you–but sometimes it’s important to realize that a holiday is best spent with yourself. 

Happy Labor Day from me to you. Spread out on the couch, throw on some cozy socks and pour yourself a glass of wine. While you’re at it, shop the StyleChat app. Why not? You’ve got nothing else to do. 

By Leah Heyman 

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