Outsidelands 2016: StyleChat Edition 

If you’re a San Francisco native, a music lover, a festival lover, a combination of all three, or just the average fun-loving human, you will probably be in attendance at this year’s annual Outsidelands Music Festival from August 5-7.

With a week left until Ranger Dave welcomes us all into his loving lands of camaraderie, the tension is on to string together your funkiest fits.

Most likely, you A) have all of your outfits picked out B) have one or two cool pieces but nothing crazy or C) have a feeling you’ll be sporting your birthday suit during the 3 day extravaganza (it’s legal there).

If you’re an A person, well you’re an A person and you don’t need my help (go you). You B people, I understand your pain. At least you’re not completely lost? Now for all you C’s, listen and listen well. The key to serving looks at OSL is really quite simple; be yourself. That’s it! Fascinating, huh?

The beauty of OSL is that it is in San Francisco–a city built off of acceptance, funk, and freedom to dress however you please. Thus, the uniform for one of the city’s largest events is mirrored from SF’s greatest value:individuality.

With that being said, if you feel the need to drop $1,000 on some sweet ‘fits to feel yourself, do it! If you’re planning to dig into the chasm that is your mother’s closet, DO IT! There are no rules, no expectations, and no real judgments from anyone in the crowds. Take this festival weekend as an opportunity to really let yourself unwind–you know that Ranger Dave wouldn’t want it any other way.

As an OSL attendee, here are some pieces I’ve been scoping out to make me feel like myself all weekend long. OH and the best part about all of these looks: I shopped them all on the StyleChat app. It made my eclectic taste soo much easier to appease!

From top, left to right: Josefina Boyfriend With Destroy in Bright Blue Bell (7forallmankind.com/$129.00), Denim Shift Dress (forever21.com/$19.90), CHLOE CROPPED DENIM JACKET (aliceandolivia.com/$695.00), Frasier Sterling Night on the Tiles Choker (nastygal.com/$70.00), Flawed Leather Wrap Bolo (freepeople.com/$78.00), Anita K Barred for Life Sterling Silver Collar Necklace (nastygal.com/$60.00), Nasty Gal Well Versed Off-the-Shoulder Top (nastygal.com/$68.00), That’s a Wrap Top (freepeople.com/$98.00), Low Tide Off-the-Shoulder Top (nastygal.com/$48.00), Moondance Skirt Set (freepeople.com/$228.00), Cecile Ankle Boot (freepeople.com/$168.00), Gauze Overall Shorts (forever21.com/$17.90), Signature Loafer (freepeople.com/$128.00),  Magic Tapestry Boot (freepeople.com/$178.00)

Enjoy the festival, folks. Make me (and Ranger Dave) proud.


By: Leah Heyman

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