Tips on How to make your Yoga Pants look Flattering

Whether or not we like it, we all know that yoga pants have become a staple wardrobe item for many women.  There are some people who may argue that yoga pants are just for the gym, but if you take a close look at the styles we’re seeing on the street, clearly many women disagree.

An article written by Maria Denardo on The Fashion Spot, gives us the do’s and don’ts for wearing yoga pants as a daily wardrobe piece.

Photo Courtesy of Athleta, featured on The Fashion Spot.
Photo Courtesy of Athleta, featured on The Fashion Spot.

Firstly, let’s start off with the “do’s” of wearing yoga pants.  Denardo reminds us of the Lululemon sheer pants debacle, and advises that we learn from that by double-checking to make sure that our yoga pants are not see-through.  So do look for a pair of yoga pants that are opaque.

Next, make sure to opt for a pair of yoga pants in your true size. Nothing good can come from wearing yoga pants that are obviously too tight.  Wearing too small of a size leads to the aforementioned see-through effect.

Thirdly, have fun layering your look.  Denardo advises wearing a leather jacket or dark trench coat to take your yoga pants from casual to dressy.  Last but not least, feel inspired to accessorize with your yoga pants.  Try wearing over-sized sunglasses or a chunky necklace to add some glamor to this casual and comfy look.

Photo Courtesy of Athleta.
Photo Courtesy of Athleta. ($74)

I checked out one of my favorite athletic clothing stores, Athleta, and found these simple, yet uniquely designed three-quarter length yoga pants.  The stripes on the sides of the pants will help make your legs look long and lean.

Next we have a pair of Lululemon yoga pants that will keep you stylish and comfortable.  Whether you’re doing impressive handstands or just walking the dog, the yoga pants featured below are a great alternative to the styles that are super form-fitting.  I love them because they’re less restrictive, while still being functional and comfy.

Photo Courtesy of LuLu Lemon ($108)
Photo Courtesy of LuLulemon ($108)

Denardo points out a few situations where people should avoid wearing yoga pants.  Firstly, don’t wear them to work; that’s kind of a given.

Also, don’t show your panty line underneath the yoga pants.  I know this can be tough because yoga pants are usually so form-fitting, but try opting for a thong or seamless underwear. Lastly, don’t keep your yoga pants past the time that they’re worn out, balled-up, faded, or ripped.  At this point, it’s time for a new pair!

Yoga pants are so versatile, which is perhaps why they’ve gathered such mass appeal.  If you’re going to wear them on a daily basis, keep your look interesting by varying the pieces you pair with them. Check out the StyleChat app to browse your favorite websites for the perfect pair of yoga pants.

By: Jaclyn Parker


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