Ideas for Dressing Comfy and Cute this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s almost time to figure out what outfit you’re going to wear to dinner.  Whether you’re going to a friend or family’s place, or you’re staying in with your loved one, you’ll want to feel comfy.

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Eva Smith, writer for, gives some helpful tips on what to wear on this food-obsessed holiday in her post found here.  She suggests a number of casual outfits that will allow you to be comfortable when you’re socializing with friends, cooking a turkey dinner, or setting the table.

First she advises wearing loose-fitting clothes.  After all, nobody wants a constricting shirt or pant waistband causing pain after eating a feast complete with yummy dessert. Therefore, try wearing an oversized sweater with a pair of loose-fitting boyfriend jeans or tights.

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A sweater dress is also another comfortable and cute option.  You’ll look feminine and be cozy at the same time.

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To make a casual outfit a bit more stylish, try adding an infinity scarf or a blazer.  If you wear a blazer, you’ll have the option of taking it off if you get warm, or leaving it on if it’s cold.  Wearing a blazer in a bold color like red, will take a comfy and casual outfit to the next level.

Like Smith mentions, loose-fitting clothes are key for this holiday.  So opt for a pair of loose-fitting soft and silky pants like the ones featured in the image below.  If you’re feeling daring, wear a pair that have a fun pattern, but then keep your top simple and solid-colored.

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After you’ve found the perfect Thanksgiving outfit, I say throw on some of your favorite jewels to liven it up.  After all, this is a celebration so your outfit should look festive!  Wear that favorite long necklace of yours, or those fun chandelier earrings that you love!

Follow these steps and you’ll have the perfect comfy and cute look this Thanksgiving.  Have you picked out your outfit yet? Share in the comments below or in the StyleChat App!

By: Jaclyn Parker

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