Outfit of the Week: Nov. 3rd

Photo Courtesy of Sartorial-Revenge.com, Click image for original source.

This week’s outfit of the week goes to Sartorial-Revenge’s layered look.  This blog shows us how to layer pieces for a warm and cozy Fall outfit.  Start with your favorite pair of black tights and pair it with a white tunic blouse.  To fight off those cold mornings throw on a black vest or black sweater over top of the blouse. For the last layer opt for an oversized dark grey jacket or cape sweater.  Look for ones that have wide arms so that the layers underneath will fit into the sleeves.  Depending on the weather you can wear the jacket open or closed.  To finish off the look, add a silver or grey clutch to the mix.  The best part about this outfit is that you can shed the layers as the sun comes out.

Created in the StyleChat App

By: Jaclyn Parker

Grey Coat – Zara ($189)
Grey Sweater – Zara ($129)
Blouse – Zara ($49)
Black Sweater – Zara ($39)
Leggings – Zara ($69.90)
Clutch – Macy’s ($51.99)

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