How to Wear Orange in the Most Flattering Way

Some colors go well with pretty much everything, but when it comes to colors like orange, it can be tricky creating an outfit that is super flattering.  It’s a lot easier to overdose on orange than navy, grey, or black!  Justine King, writer for blog OPSH, gives some helpful tips here for how to wear orange well.

Some shades of orange don’t suit certain skin tones and hair colors, but King suggests that everyone can find at least one tone of orange that is flattering.  If your skin has undertones of pink and blue, she suggests opting for shades of orange that are more red or pink.  If your skin has undertones of yellow, you should be able to pull off orange well even in its full bright capacity!  Personally I think that orange can be harsh next to very pale skin, and sometimes if your hair contains tones of red or orange, the orange garment can wash you out completely.

Nicole Kidman wearing orange. Photo courtesy of - click photo to original post.
Nicole Kidman wearing orange. Photo courtesy of – click photo to original post.

Perhaps you are a little hesitant to start wearing orange and you want to slowly introduce it into your wardrobe.  If so, King cleverly suggests wearing orange but keeping it away from your face.  Try a pair of orange shorts or an orange skirt.  My favorite way to add bold or bright colors to a wardrobe is through an accessory like a handbag, a necklace, or a pair of shoes.  Try wearing a neutral-colored outfit and pair it with an orange handbag so that all of the attention is drawn to the pop of color that’s hanging from your shoulders.  The neutral outfit will balance out the boldness of the orange accessory.

Last but not least King advises to never wear black and orange at the same time, and I completely agree!  Unless it’s the night of Halloween, black and orange comes off as more scary than stylish.  It’s fun to wear orange in October in honor of Halloween, but when the orange starts reminding you of pumpkins and the black starts reminding you of scary spiders, I think it’s time to come up with a different color combination that makes the orange you wear look fun and refreshing, not terrifying.

Photo courtesy of - click to original post
Photo courtesy of – click to original post

After you’ve tested out these suggestions, and you discover how to wear orange in a way that is most flattering to your individual look, step it up a notch and try color-blocking with orange and magenta!

If you need help creating the perfect outfit that incorporates orange, try creating some looks with orange on the StyleChat app!  Show us your favorite way to add a splash of orange to your outfit!

By: Jaclyn Parker

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