Simple and Creative Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner I’m sure that a lot of people already have their costume completely planned.  However, if you’re like me, you may wait until the very last second to decide what costume to wear.

If you only have a couple hours left before the Halloween party and you still don’t know what to wear, have no fear because there are several last-minute costume ideas that are simple to put together.

Great DIY from Nellie Bellie. Click the picture to see full how-to post.
Great DIY from Nellie Bellie. Click the picture to see full how-to post.

Dawn Dugle, writer for The Clarion-Ledger, provides some helpful examples of last-minute costume ideas in her article, found here.

First there is the classic mummy costume.  Wrap yourself up in toilet paper or medical gauze.  I’d suggest wearing some sort of slip or nude bodysuit underneath just in case your costume slips out of place.  After all, you were putting this together last minute so costume mishaps are understandable!

If wrapping yourself in something is too much effort, you can make it even simpler for yourself by taking a white sheet, throwing it over yourself and cutting two holes in it to make yourself a ghost.

Courtesy of The Gloss
Courtesy of The Gloss

One of my personal favorites is the awkward static cling costume.  Dugle advises wearing black and pinning socks to yourself.  If you want to be even more creative, try pinning or gluing any random objects you find around your house, such as an eraser or a water bottle. Just have fun with it!

Courtesy of The Clarion-Ledger
Courtesy of The Clarion-Ledger

Dugle also suggests being a bag or box of groceries.  Create a hole in brown paper bags or a cardboard box, so that they can act as a shell around you.  Then glue empty egg cartons, milk jugs, cereal boxes, cookie boxes, and anything else inside the box.

With just a little more creativity you can make that box look like this:

Photo found on Pinterest

If you want to be a little more glamorous, try a funny beauty queen costume.  Dugle suggests pulling out your bridesmaid’s dress or prom dress, then putting on a white sash, which you can find the material for at stores like Michaels or Wal-Mart.  Then write something funny on it and you’re ready to go.  Dugle suggests, “Miss Represented”, “Miss Treated,” or “Miss Communication,” but the options are endless!

Lastly, if you want to put even less effort into your costume, grab a white t-shirt and a black sharpie and write, “Error, Costume Not Found” on it.

Charlie BrownSimilarly if you have a yellow t-shirt handy you can do a thick-black-line that zig zags up and down to make Charlie Brown’s classic shirt.

If you have any of your own last-minute Halloween costume ideas to share, write them in the comments below!  What are you wearing this Halloween?

By: Jaclyn Parker


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