Oxblood is the New Black

Have you caught on to this oxblood fashion trend yet? No, I don’t mean wearing actual ox’s blood, but wearing the color, “oxblood,” which is comparable to a blood-red or burgundy color.

Check out the Pantone oxblood red color swatch:

Oxblood Red Pantone
Oxblood Red Pantone

This color has been all over the place. It’s almost like oxblood has become the new black! So how do you wear such an interesting color?

I’m so glad oxblood is becoming a popular color in the fall. It’s definitely divine for sweater weather! Oxblood is also great for a peacoat or any other outerwear piece.

One of the best aspects of this color is that you can pair it well with almost any other color. You can wear an oxblood dress and have that be the center of attention, then just add a black belt. It also looks great with white or gold. It’ll be wonderful during the holidays with silver and even emerald. So swap that regular shade of red this fall and replace it with oxblood!

Not really used to wearing clothes in this color? No worries, that’s why accessories can help!  Start out small and then gradually make your way to oxblood colored clothes.

An oxblood watch will have you looking at your wrist and keeping track of time more than usual. Oxblood jewelry will look wonderful this fall. Are you a makeup junkie? Oxblood colored lips are SO in! The best thing is, it works on all skin types! So whether you have super pale skin (like me!) or super dark skin, this color will look great on your lips! Or maybe you’re more of a nail polish kind of girl. Oxblood colored nails are gorgeous! Plus, you can use it for Halloween to create bloody looking nail art!

If you’re already a huge fan of oxblood, tell us how you work this color! Here are some oxblood items we love:

Created on the StyleChat App
Created on the StyleChat App

 By: Stephanie Wong


4 thoughts on “Oxblood is the New Black”

  1. I’m a fan of oxblood. How I wear it… Easy! Just wear it like you would do black but this time oxblood. Like you said it goes well with almost everything!

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