The Sporty Trend: Makes Being Fashionable Less Painful

In the past, I specifically remember saying that “beauty is pain” every day I’d be walking in four-inch heels.

I thoroughly believed that being fashionable was synonymous with wearing outfits notorious for causing some sort of discomfort.  Whether it’s high heels that destroy your feet, chunky earrings that hurt your earlobes, or pencil skirts that restrict your ability to walk up a flight of stairs, women have been duking it out with fashion trends forever.

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

Finally, we have a fashion trend that makes it easier for women to feel good while looking good.  Connie Wang, writer for Refinery29, rejoices at the comfortable, sporty trend that has saturated the market.

Active-wear is now a fashion statement.  Slouchy clothing, loose-fitting track pants, and sneakers are just a few of the items that have single-handedly made it easier to dress fashionably while still being comfortable.

In her article, Wang jokes about being able to wear exercise clothes without actually having to break a sweat.  While I haven’t quite adopted spandex workout pants into my everyday wardrobe, I have however enjoyed the slouchy sweaters and the loose-fitting pants that look sporty in a relaxed and feminine way.

Photo Courtesy of & DKNY
Photo Courtesy of & DKNY

Like Wang, I remember those nights in college when I wore a short body con dress and stiletto heels to the bar, but now when I see those longer dresses and pleated skirts that have a tennis-skirt vibe, I wonder how and why it took so long for the sporty trend to become fashionable.

The best part about this trend is the fact that it can be expressed in so many different ways.  Throw a long knit sweater over a just above the knee pleated skirt and add a pair of sneakers, and you’ll look cute, comfy, and flirty.

Throw on a pair of track pants with mesh insets, pair it with a crop top and wedge heels and you’ll look effortlessly sexy.

Photo Courtesy of

Say goodbye to your painful wardrobe pieces and welcome the latest sporty trends into your closet. After all, what’s better than looking great and feeling great at the same time? Nothing.

So check out the StyleChat app to search for the hottest new apparel and footwear that fits your relaxed look and active lifestyle.

By: Jaclyn Parker

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