Christian Dior’s Spring 2015 Collection Creates a Futuristic Fantasy

Christian Dior’s Spring 2015 runway show in Paris brought the fashion show experience to a whole new level. It took place in the Louvre’s Cour Carrée. Inside they built a mirrored tent that created perfect reflections to capture a futuristic feel.

Photo courtesy of Yannis Vlamos/
Photo courtesy of Yannis Vlamos/

Damien Neva, writer for Next Management, described the atmosphere of the show as “out of this world,” and I can’t help but agree.

The circular white floors and ceilings combined with the bright lights and alien-like music were successful in creating a futuristic atmosphere. It was as if the models were walking on white clouds or in some other universe.

Neva describes the models perfectly when he refers to them as “heavenly bodies” moving on the runway. The collection helped create this heavenly feeling with the use of white and cream in many of the looks.

Silhouettes were soft and airy, adding that extra feeling of fantasy. Neva describes the white as being from the “space-age.” Who knew that this space-age futuristic fashion could be so heavenly divine!

The collection embodied elements of the historical past through the use of familiar silhouettes, like big puffy rounded shoulders that hinted at the Zuit suit trend of the 1940’s, and skirt silhouettes that brought back memories of crinoline.

Photo Courtesy of Yannis Vlamos /
Photo Courtesy of Yannis Vlamos /

The flashbacks from the past were so refreshingly sweet combined with the fantasy-like feel. After seeing this futuristic-inspired collection, I’d say the future of fashion looks promising.

How will you incorporate the “out of this world” vibe into your looks? There may not be a reflective mirror tent following you around, but you can nonetheless make an impression if you combine old and new silhouettes to create a fresh outfit that inspires.

Check out the StyleChat app to experiment with creating new and heavenly looks!

Then share them with your friends and let us know what elements you find most inspiring from this collection!

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By: Jaclyn Parker

Here’s the link to Damien Nava’s article on the event.

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