9 Thoughtful Bridesmaids Gifts They’ll Appreciate

From planning your wedding to the big day itself, you’ve had a lot of help along the way. I’m sure you counted on your bridesmaids to be like your bread and butter to make sure your special day goes swimmingly. So how could you ever thank them enough? Why, with a gift of course!

For the lovely ladies who were there for you from the very start, here are a few ideas to help you through your brainstorming process to figure out the perfect gift(s) for your gal pals.

Board created through StyleChat
Board created through StyleChat

1. To start, you’ve got to ask a few ladies to be your bridesmaids! What better way to do so than with a sweet, yet thoughtful card? You can personalize the message for each girl.

Available on zazzle.com

2. Just like your hubby-to-be proposed to you, you can propose to your bridesmaids! Take this cute “forget me knot” ring and ask your go-to girls if they’d help you tie the knot. You need all your loved ones on such a special day!

Now, that takes care of getting your bridesmaids on board. The following gifts can be given to your right-hand ladies either at the same time as the proposal card and ring, or the night before your wedding.

"Forget me Knot "ring via jeweliq.com
“Forget me Knot “ring via jeweliq.com

3. Invite your bridesmaids to celebrate your last night of being single with these gold leaf cocktail glasses. You can pop champagne and your girls can take these pretty glasses home with them as a little trinket from the night.

Cocktail glasses via www.brit.co
Cocktail glasses via http://www.brit.co

4. Make sure your bridesmaids are comfy during the night of your bachelorette party and while you all get ready on your wedding day. This silk kimono wrap will bring out your bridesmaids’ feminine sides in no time.

Silk Kimono wrap from Victoria's Secret
Silk Kimono wrap from Victoria’s Secret

5. Keep the comfort comin’! OK, so even the best of us ladies get super tired wearing heels at some point in the day. So if your bridesmaids feel like kickin’ off those heels and slipping on something a little closer to the ground, get them a pair of flats.

The best part about these flats is that they’re flexible enough to be stored in a bag during the wedding. There are also different color options so you can choose ones to match your bridesmaids’ dresses! (You can even buy yourself a pair to stash for the wedding!)

Comfy flats from tieks.com
Comfy flats from tieks.com

6.“EMERGENCY!” That’s the worst thing to hear, especially on your wedding day. So save your bridesmaids from panicking with a Minimergency Kit made specifically for them.

They’ll be able to keep the small pouch with them to access the essentials. The kit includes hair spray, double-sided tape, bobby pins, a small sewing set, and more! (Don’t worry, there’s one just for brides, too!)

Minimergency kit oh BHLDN.com
Minimergency kit oh BHLDN.com

7. Monogrammed items are so big right now! Get your bridesmaids a trendy little monogrammed keychain. It’s a personalized gift, and it can double as a necklace if you swap the key ring out for a long chain.

Monogram Keychains via threehipchicks.com
Monogram Keychains via threehipchicks.com

8. But what’s a keychain good for if your bridesmaids can’t put it on anything right away? Get them a personalized tote bag!

You can also monogram this with your gal pals’ initials, their first name, or just “bridesmaid.” And all the gifts you saw above? You can give them to your girls in this tote bag. They can use it the night before the wedding and the day of the wedding to store their essentials.

Personalized Totes via exclusivelyweddings.com
Personalized Totes via exclusivelyweddings.com

9. Last but not least, is a thank you card. You can give this to your girls on the day of your wedding or after it’s over. It’s always nice to show appreciation to those who’ve helped you the most.

Thank you cards like these from minted.com
Thank you cards like these from minted.com

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

By: Stephanie Wong

1. Card
2. Ring
3. Cocktail Glasses
4. Wrap
5. Flats
6. Minimergency Kit
7. Monogrammed keychain
8. Tote Bag
9. Thank You Card

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