A French Revolution of Style

The Parisian look has taken the US streets by storm. Walk into any store, you’ll see t-shirts with a “oui,” “merci,” or even an Eiffel tower.

Photo Courtesy of Joie.com
Photo Courtesy of Joie.com

Ballet flats are everywhere in all colors, with ribbons or straps, from pointed to rounded toe. This classic shoe is a staple. Long-flowing scarves are twisted and wrapped, and worn year-round. Americans are trying to capture the Paris street look. Is it a French Revolution?

We Americans are into casual comfort, but we’re envious of the pulled together Parisian style. For some reason, we just can’t figure it out. The typical teen or college student may wear a Juicy Couture track suit or pajama bottoms paired with Uggs.

For the techies and the start-ups, the dress code is often a printed t-shirt and jeans. The extreme side involves clothing that is too revealing or too tight to have any sense of decency. Of course, there are some without any sense of style, who just try to copy what they read in People magazine.

If you’re not working in the financial district or at law firm, you are dressing to be comfortable, shopping for bargains, and not buying with a purpose like the French. C’est le vie!

What is the Parisian look? It is creating a wardrobe from seven basic pieces; t-shirt, fitted jeans or pants, belt, trench coat, ballet flats, high heels, leather boots and a statement handbag.

Photo Courtesy of fashionsy.com
Photo Courtesy of fashionsy.com

The French will accessorize with one bold or trendy chic piece. Some think of the classic French look as a Beret or striped shirt with rolled up black jeans, but it’s more than that. It’s effortless dressing or “je ne sais quoi.”

A touch of Parisian style came out this past season with a full-length tulle ballet skirt paired with a simple white tee or a cropped top.

Lace and ruffles brought a little bit of romance while floral prints reminded us of springtime in the city of lights. The make-up is always subtle with a splash of color added to the lips and the hair is pulled back into a chignon with a beaded headband. The look is topped off with a leather motorcycle jacket and in rainy weather or not, the trench coat is de rigueur.

The famous French designer, Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house look in the mirror and take one thing off.” To get that Parisian street chic look, the trick is to understand how to bring the basic pieces together with the latest “as seen on the runway.”

Less is more. It’s quality not quantity. It’s a French revolution of style.

By Kiana Kuns

Photo from solesociety.com
Photo from solesociety.com

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