Have you seen Lanvin’s New Collection?

Alber Elbaz, designer for Lanvin, said not too long ago that “fashion should be a factory of dreams.”   I’d say that this collection poignantly delivers on that idea with elegance in style.

According to Nicole Phelps, in her story for style.com, Lanvin’s 2015 resort collection was full of romance and spirit.

Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin Source: style.com
Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin
Source: style.com

Phelps points to pairing a white silk peasant shirt with a floor-length black peasant skirt to prove that inspiring dreams was definitely one of Elbaz’s goals for this collection.

While I do agree that look is inspiring, I think another honorable mention should go out to a stunning black loose-fitted knee-length sleeveless dress with a plunging V-neckline and necktie, which is subtle and simple in the most elegant and sophisticated way.  The dress combines the perfect combination of sexy and classy, with just a touch of rocker-chic.

Phelps describes the collection as being, “…elegant and easy in equal measure…”  The elegance and comfort stems from the soft silhouettes and feminine draping.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see a collection that doesn’t consist of overly-constricting silhouettes.  After all, fashion doesn’t have to hurt.  Soft silhouettes that follow the natural bodyline can be the perfect way to enhance the beauty of a female’s body without restricting it.

Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin Source: style.com
Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin
Source: style.com

This Lanvin resort collection, which Phelps describes as being “rich with options,” satisfies a plethora of needs with its liberal use of black and cream, and with its splash of bright colors that are thrown in for some added intrigue.

Elbaz took special care to ensure that both the aesthetic and functional needs were covered in this collection.  Elbaz states, “A coat needs to be very warm but also very light,” which is why he played around with technical fabrics that would solve these problems without compromising the appearance of the garment.  The black taffeta trench coat looked not only comfortable, but also very sophisticated and elegant.

Phelps mentions that this year is Lanvin’s 125th anniversary.  Elbaz is clearly celebrating in style with this feminine chic collection.  Here’s to hoping that Lanvin celebrates all of its future anniversaries with just as much style and grace.

What do you think of Lanvin’s collection?

By: Jaclyn Parker

Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin Source: style.com
Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin
Source: style.com

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