Do Women Really Come In All Shapes and Sizes?

Only a few months back, the popular fast fashion retailer H&M received much backlash via social media for using a rather average sized model for their plus sized catalogue spread. After releasing images of a women who reportedly could wear a size medium and calling her a “plus sized model,” readers were outraged, exclaiming comments such as: “No wonder girls think they have to look and certain way,” and “you’re having a laugh!” One comment even read, “She’s beautiful and looks way better than the normal models.”

body types

But what does that mean, normal models? It doesn’t stop there: on under the “Weight Loss Calculator” section you can find a body type calculator. Simply input your bust, waist, and hip measurements to find out what body shape category you fall into. Perhaps you have the shape of a banana, pear, apple, or an hourglass. It comes with the following information:

“ Please note that we only calculate the four most common body shapes for women, so your body shape may not be included among these four. In many Western countries, the “ideal” size for a woman is said to be 36″-24″-36″ 


Now not only do women have to worry about whether or not their size medium shirt makes them a plus sized or not, but now they have to relate themselves to the contents of a fruit basket. These are not things that women should be thinking of when they get dressed in the morning.

Women are more than their weight or body shape. We cannot change the media’s perception of the “ideal size” overnight, but we can start making a difference by ending the cattiness and competition between each other. No more skinny-shaming or fat-shaming. Once we can start to love and appreciate our bodies, we won’t be so worried about the size of someone else’s!


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