In today’s fashion world, outfits are not complete simply by adding patterned fabrics or jewelry, but rather with makeup—particularly lipstick. The trend of bold lipsticks has returned and it is not your average bright colored cherry red that has reached the make-up drawers of girls across the country, but the more matte, dark hues. The addition of any of these bold hues of lips can really make a fashionista stand out in a crowd. Something so small and often overlooked can make a difference in being noticed. More importantly, unlike adding massive amount of jewelry to an outfit, wearing lipstick looks chic yet effortless at the same time.

The bright lipsticks have seen their glory days and now can pass off as attention seeking or far too tacky when added for the wrong occasion. Now the trend has evolved (or returned to) deep plums and deep reds.  Here are a few celebrities who sport this bold lipstick look: photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 The key to a successful, powerful lip color look is to go easy on the eye make-up. Bold lips and bold eyes will make a girl’s face look too heavy and “caked-up.” If you want to do bold eyes, compliment it with a nice nude colored lipstick. A successful deep plum or red will look best with light eye-make up. You should always find a balance between your face makeup and your lips, keeping your look elegant and classy to any event. Best way to apply bold lipstick: If you’re doing anything bold, you have to do it right. A bold look isn’t bold if done messy. Personally, when applying bold lipstick on myself (especially matte bold lipstick) I prefer to use a small brush and get the shape of my lips correctly by making sure color runs all the way through to the corners of my mouth. The problem with deep plum and red lipstick is that if you mess up, it will be noticed. Another alternative is (just like 90s!) to go back to the use of lip liner to get that full color all around the lips. Sometimes, the best accessory is the emphasis on what you already have. So make those lips shine!


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